Creature Name: Octroll (ahwk trul)
Height: 2 m
Mass: 1700 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Octroll is an extremely large 8-armed creature that lives in SR388s caverns. This creature has two large eyes, which it uses to spot advancing prey. When something is in visual range the Octroll leaps up and slowly floats back down in a attempt to attack. The Octroll is believed to be a large relative of the Choot Leech.

When the Octroll jumps and lands on a small prey item it wraps its tentacles around the creature and begins devouring it with the small mouth it has on the underside of its body. The Octroll rests on the platform of their choice and wait for prey to pass by. The Octroll mate by finding each other. When an Octroll sees another Octroll during mating season it will jump over and mate. The female Octroll gives birth after two 2 decicycles.