Height: 2.3 m
Mass: 325 lb
Homeworld: Vho

A spiritual hunter who seeks to bring justice to the galaxy

Noxus' species are called the Vhozon, they are a spiritual people who believe they have been created by the gods to watch over the galaxy and bring justice to other species the gods have created Unfortunate the Vhozon concept of justice is not the same as other lifeforms understand that and there have been violent encounters between the Vhozon representatives and the beings they visited who did not understand the ‘wrongness' they were accused of. Even the Galactic Federation, one of the more open minded government organisations in the galaxy has had several ‘negative' dealings with the Vhozon who believe that in an establishment such as the Federation criminal and malevolent behaviour goes easily unpunished Currently relations between the Federation and the Vhozon people are ‘chilly' at best; individuals seeking to punish injustice in Federation space are not permitted to enter it. Noxus is one of the most honoured warriors of the Vhozon people, having travelled from one corner of known space to the other side in pursuit of those with dark designs.He has been training in the ways of his people since his youth and after reaching adulthood he was given the battle armour of the Vhozon warriors,

As the Federation anthropologists know little of Vhozon society there is not much to tell about Vhozon culture, but as the Vhozon are a very spiritual people, their zeal to seek out evil and wrong doing coming forth out of this there is little doubt that many rituals go behind at least this part of their society.One thing anthropologists wonder about is how the Vhozon treat those members who do not agree with the Vhozon way of life such as their pursuit of justice, its not known if these beings are treated better than non Vhozon that have been accused of performing actions of evil.The individual Noxus is as enigmatic as the Vhozon people; he religiously believes in the goal of his people and has never questioned it when he learned of the ideas and beliefs of non Vhozons regarding justice and the concepts of good and evil.There might not be much dept to his character as there doesn't seem to be much social activity between the warrior and Vhozon people when he is on the Vhozon planet, the only exception maybe courting.

Still it is unadvised to approach Noxus when encountering him, even if the being in question never has violated any laws or performed actions seen as ‘wrong' Noxus judges non Vhozons to the Vhozon laws which still are not completely understood by Federation experts and sometimes even seem to contradict themselves. Noxus wears a Powered Armour suit of Vhozon design, as Federation engineers know little of Vhozon technology an accurate description is hard to make and the following information is more of a speculation what some of the armour's technology might be. As with most such technology the armour probably improves Noxus' natural strength, sensory perception, and abilities, and adds extra defences such as armour and a shield system and perception capabilities his kind normally doesn't have such as alternative vision modes.

The exact limits of these systems are not known and it is requested that any observations made of them in the field are send to the Intelligences agencies of the Federation for further study. So far alien technologies engineers have come to the conclusion that like a standard Federation Powered Armour suit Vhozon armour provides the wearer with a comfortable atmosphere and recreation of preferable environment inside the suit, as despite living on a very cold homeworld the Vhozon prefer a warmer climate it can be assumed that the conditions inside the Vhozon armour approach or match that of Power Armour worn by the average hominid. Interesting part is that the armour is strongly insulated from climate shifts, perhaps even if the armour's systems are shut down the conditions inside the armour would not experience the effects immediately.

The armour suit's build in weapon system is comparable with that of other known Powered Armour systems, it comes with a standard power beam but is universally designed so that it can incorporate other weapons and weapon expansion modules. Noxus' alternate form is the Vhoscythe, a form that seems to resemble rapid spinning ‘top'. Though it has combat capabilities and allows Noxus to enter small rooms and corridors the primary purpose of the Vhoscythe is the generation of heat for Noxus' body. Heat is almost absent on the homeworld of the Vhozon and they are specialised in the generation and preservation of body heat as without it nothing on the homeworld can survive. The Vhoscythe offensive capability is the Scythe, blades that emerge from the alternate form and cause ‘cutting' damage.