Creature Name: Needler (neh dul ehr)
Height:.4 m
Mass: 217 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Needler is a very strange and distant relative of the Moheek. The Needler is basically a Sphere covered in sharp needles. It has also evolved an adhesive to keep the sphere on a rock or wall surface. It has evolved huge needles to cover its body mostly protecting the otherwise soft creature from predators. With no lungs the creature breathes through some sort of gill on the outside of the Needlers body. It sucks in air to inflate itself for defense or for the necessary breathing.

With no mouth to obtain or actual stomach to digest food the Needler uses symbioticchemoautrophic bacteria like Rippers, to feed itself. Usually unaware of what its doing the Needler has a very small brain with very little intelligence. If it is in immediate danger it will enlarge itself with air to pierce the creature with spikes. Since Needlers have no reproductive organs they reproduce asexually by ramming their bodies on a rock to make a piece fall off. That piece will develop into another Needler.