Creature Name: Moto (moh tow)
Height: 2.1 m
Mass: 1560 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Moto is similar to the earth rhinoceros. The creature has three horns, little intelligence, and a short temper. The Moto has developed large eyes so it can see better than most inhabitants of SR388. When a Moto sees a dim outline it will recklessly charge the creature although, its head is impenetrable. The head structure is a solid bone around the creatures face with the horns protruding from the top. It has short, stubby legs, which it uses to support its massive body. The legs can actually allow the Moto to run up to 30 MPH.

The Moto feeds by attacking a opposing creature with its long horns. A creature that’s small and weak will most likely die due to the shock of the skull being rammed into it, the impaling, or massive blood loss. Regardless of how it died the Moto will scrape it off on the ground and eat it with the small mouth at the bottom of its head. After eating the Moto rests on a nearby rock. Usually it is camouflaged enough to be unnoticed but the occasional Zeta or Gamma Metroid may attack the sleeping creature. The deadliest predator of the Moto is the Drivel. This creature can easily lift it up and crack its head on a Stalagmite or Stalactite. Moto reproduce sexually during a fixed mating season every cycle. The males with the largest horns usually get the females who give birth to live young.

Even though the horn area of the Moto is extremely hard to damage its underbelly and other exposed areas of flesh are very weak and soft. Most times a flying predator lands on a Motos back and devours it there leaving the bones behind. The Drivel and Zeta Metroids are usually the creatures that kill a Moto in this manner. Moto are very stupid creatures. If they say a shadow or outline of a creature they'll charge it. Sometimes they get their horns caught in cave walls and they starve to death there. Other times they run right off a cliff down a shaft. Fights for females are simple. The last Moto alive wins a mate. They charge each other until one collapse or dies.