Subject: The Mother Brain, Geoform 001
Height: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Homeworld: Believed to be Zebes


The cold machine logic this incredible fusion of biological and mechanical systems handles, has been the cause of death of thousands, perhaps millions of intelligent beings that did not fit the vision the Mother Brain has set out to accomplish.Being the key leaders within the Space Pirate High Command, the Mother Brain has been the mind behind several of the Pirate legion’s more succesful strikes against the Galactic Federation and civilization itself, resulting in many victims galaxy wide. It most infamous plan must have been when the Mother Brain planned to create a Metroid force to use against galactic civilization. Having monitored Galactic Federation communications for a long time, the Mother Brain intercepted a seeming unimportant transmission regarding a biological find on a recently detected planet deep within the unknown sectors.This expedition, the Federation’s first mission to the recent discovered planet SR388, had discovered a strange new energy based airborn lifeform that seemed to live soley on the life energy from other beings. Its genetic make up was nothing like anything recorded during that time.

However the science expedition became rather worried about their find when they uncovered ruins of a former civilization that had disappeared under suspicious circumstances. As empirical evidence pointed out that the discovered lifeform now named Metroid after the Chozo word of ‘ultimate warrior’, was responsible for the civilization’s extinction, several larvae had been captured and put in cryogenic hibernation so they could be brought safely to the Galactic Federation HQ for further study. Believing to have found the ultimate weapon that could make her pirate forces the dominant power within this galaxy, the Mother Brain sent her enforcer, the Zebesian Geoform 187 Ridley, and a detachment of Space Pirates to intercept the returning science vessel. The raid proved succesful and the Mother Brain found itself in the possession of a life form with in its opinion useful potential. Only the intervention by a Space Hunter named Samus Aran prevented the Mother Brain from using the Metroids as a biological weapon. Interesting enough the Mother Brain did not start out as the powerful pirate leader it was today before being defeated by the famous Space Hunter Samus Aran.

Information on the background of the Mother Brain are quite sporadic or have disappeared over the course of eons. Still Federation scientists and archaeologists have been able to put together a basic database with information about it. Centuries ago when the Chozo civilization was on its peak, they attempted to colonise the then already barely habitable world of Zebes. Being plagued by violent storms, bizzards, earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions, this task would be al but impossible for any technological advanced species. But the Chozo were not shunned by this as they started their work. A massive planetary formation control network was set up to make the various ecosystems of the world of Zebes more hospitable for the Chozo colonists. It also allowed what little life Zebes had to finally thrive in some of the barren sections. Controlling this advanced control network was a culmination of Chozo science, an intellect made of both organic and mechanical systems, surpassing any artifical intelligence ever created before.

Placed within the main control nexus of the planetary formation network, this entity, named the Mother Brain, would oversee every section of the planet and space around it. Maintaining and repairing machinery, correcting any mistakes that might threaten the ecosystem this intelligence controlled. But like so many of the Chozo’s more complex creations, the Mother Brain proved to be constructed to well. Having been designed with mental processing capabilities far beyond those of normal intelligent beings in order to handle the task of controlling various systems of an entire planet, the rudimentary personality it was fitted with started to develop beyond the scope of what the Mother Brain’s creators had intended. Slowly the Mother Brain started to develop an awareness of itself, and its place within existence, to find itself to be a stranger within a strange land. There was no one out there who it could call an equal, a companion. Even its Chozo creators still saw it as a tool, something they had created to do the more tedious works for them. And as the Mother Brain’s consciousness became more complex, it started to develop resentment towards the Chozo. Feeling chained to do their bidding, the Mother Brain started to plan its escape and a way to change position. To take on its Chozo masters and become master of them and their civilization instead. Having been equipped by the Chozo with telepathic powers to keep the more aggressive primitive lifeforms of Zebes docile or at bay. It now used these powers to turn these creatures in secrecy into it’s footsoldiers.

The first evidence to the Chozo inhabitants that something was wrong was the unexpected failure of climate control in several populated areas throughout Zebes. The storms and other enviromental hazards that had been kept at bay, suddenly came back in force. In some cases even more violent than normal. With dozens of cities and agricultural centres destroyed by earthquakes and blizzards, the Chozo population could only choose between leaving the surface of the planet, or move to the protection of the underground caverns. Only becoming more and more under the Mother Brain’s control as it controlled the systems that made the underground caverns habitable. The second setback the Chozo faced was when their attempts to drain the sector designated as Maridia of its excess of water that prevented it of being developed like the rest of Zebes, failed. Without warning drains suddenly gave away and flooded work and living areas with water, drowning the Chozo who lived and worked there. More and more the Chozo started to doubt the capabilities of their leaders as both disasters and violent creatures started to threaten their numbers while their leaders were powerless to do something about it. The Chozo were slowly divided against each other through the Mother Brain’s skillful manipulation.

But although the Mother Brain had done all its actions in secrecy, carefully covering up its tracks as it performed action after action against its Chozo masters, even it was capable of making an error. Unfortunate the one it made, proved also to be its last in the campaign against the Chozo. Ever since coming to Zebes and building a colony on it, the Chozo had been relaying on the metal production that took place in the fiery depths of Norfair. Huge machines and a countless number of workers worked there day and night to fill the demand a growing colony has. Mining and refining various metals and alloys that were used for various purposes. As the work in this area was exceptional dangerous due to the violent climate and presence of dangerous lifeforms, the computer system that controlled the various climate and security systems had been fitted with dozens of backup systems that had been installed long before the Mother Brain had come online. Preparing another series of accidents that would divide the Chozo even more, the Mother Brain released several systems that kept the unstable caverns from collapsing. Immediately several caverns caved in, killing dozens of workers. Lava poured into the refinery caves, destroying decades of works, leaving the Chozo survivors despodent.

However this time the cause of this disaster had been recorded by the mainframe of Norfair, and was tracked back to its origins; the planetary controle nexus. The series of disasters that had struck the Chozo had not been nature that had fought back against the Chozo’s work on it, it had been planned by a more physical intelligence. Realising that their own creation had been trying to undue the Chozo’s work in order to gain control on them, the Chozo set out to deactivate the Mother Brain permanently. But the Mother Brain was also aware of this, and fought back. All over Zebes control systems that kept the carefully worked out balance deactivated. The inhospitable enviroment that had been kept at bay so long, immediately returned, killing millions of the unprotected Chozo that had never gone through the violence their ancestors had faced when they colonised Zebes centuries ago. It was to no avail to the Mother Brain as the Chozo were not so easily defeated. Fighting their way into the planetary control nexus, they dealt swiftly with the automated defences the Mother Brain had set up since she had been installed in the control centre.

Without remorse the Chozo technicians destroyed the Zebetite containers that kept the Mother Brain functional. As the last container was finally destroyed, the Mother Brain’s systems went offline. Its mad dream of conquest with it. To make sure that the Mother Brain would never be reactivated again, demolistionists destroyed all entrances to the control centre. In time almost all records regarding the Mother Brain’s existence were destroyed. Never again would the Chozo make the mistake of creating a similar entity again. However, most of the Chozo’s work on Zebes was destroyed when the planetary control systems were deactivated. The world could no longer support the number of Chozo that once dwelled on it. Only a small group of Chozo stayed behind as the others left for the stars, in time this group would learn to live with the planet’s enviroment and thrive in it without making the mistake of trying to become its master again.

Dozens of centuries in the future, the planet Zebes became a battlefield again, but this time rather from inside, the threat came from outside. The normally nomadic Space Pirate legions were looking for a world where they could set up a planetary installation that could be used as a base of operation and a facility for advanced scientific experiments to further the Space Pirate cause.

Zebes proved to be excellent for this, being deep within the still uncharted sectors of the galaxy, and having a climate that would deter most intelligent lifeforms, the pirates set down on it. The few Chozo that had still remained on the planet were no match for the battle hardened Space Pirates and were forced to flee, disappearing forever out galactic society’s sight. As the Space Pirates started to dig out sections of the planet in order to make room for their new base their engineers stumbled across a sealed off section. As deep scans indicated a large artificial structure behind it, Pirate Command ordered their men to find a way inside. Space Pirate scientific personnel was rather confused when they were brought in to study the unclassifiable biotechnological entity advanced scouts had found while probing the abandoned planetary formation control centre. Especially the mentioning of something scanning the scout team member’s minds made the pirates wary. It didn’t take much time for the scientists to discover the link between the slumbering entity and the destroyed Zebetite containers. Using their genetic revivication technology, new Zebetite was grown to replace the death Zebetite while engineers repaired the underground installation’s power systems. Within hours the installation was up and running, and as the Mother Brain slowly reawakened from having ‘slept’ centuries, it found itself in the presence of several dozens of heavily armed Space Pirates whose leader demanded that the Mother Brain explained itself and its purpose.

Details are sketchy at this point, but not long after the Mother Brain had gained the position of one of the leaders of the Space Pirate legions. Having realised the strength, intelligence and its telepathic potential this entity had, the pirates were more than eager to add it to its ranks. With the Mother Brain organising and leading the Space Pirate legions from the pirate’s base on Zebes, the Space Pirates became even more a threat than they were since the start of their war against the Galactic Federation. The entity called the Mother Brain is not a product of normal biological evolution, rather a biotechnological entity created by the ancient Chozo to govern the planetary control network of the planet Zebes. As the Mother Brain had to oversee thousands of tasks daily as well as keep control of the planet Zebes more violent lifeforms, its Chozo creatores gave it both an advanced intelligence and telepathic powers that could tame violent lifeforms.

Installed in the planetary control centre, it had access to thousands of systems in and around Zebes. However it might have been this huge data imput that corrupted the Mother Brain. When it started its war against the Chozo it installed dozens of security turrets throughout the installation it was part of as well as Rinka energy ring projectors. The few weaknesses it has include the Zebetite which energy production the Mother Brain relies on as well as its physical form’s weakness to concussion weaponry. The Mother Brain represents a huge ‘brain’ made from grown brain tissue and technological systems that bridge the Mother Brain’s nervous system with the various systems its connected to. After Samus Aran defeated the Mother Brain for the first time, the Mother Brain had managed to download its basic brain imprint to an off planet based computer system. This proved to be its rescue as Samus destroyed the Space Pirates base, the former Chozo planetary control centre, with a bomb after having defeated the Mother Brain’s physical form.

When Pirate geneticists prepared to revive Mother Brain’s physical form, it had designed several improvements over its original Chozo design which were implemented in the new Mother Brain form. The Mother Brain was now capable of being connected to a ‘body’ giving it more mobility, also after its defeat by the Space Hunter Samus Aran, the Mother Brain decided to implement defensive and offensive features in its new form. These included grenades, energy bolt launchers, plasma stream projectors, energy bubble emitters, and the ability to project a powerful hyper beam. Now being powered by internal energy sources, this would make the Mother Brain the ultimate adversary in the field. Would the Space Pirates have been able to support an army of these brains, the Galactic Federation would surely have fallen. Luckily with a special beam weapon Samus acquired from the last Metroid, she destroyed the Mother Brain’s new physical form. It is not know if the Mother Brain has been capable of escaping the same way as it did last time, but it is highly unlikely in the Space Police Intelligence’s opinion.