Creature Name: Moheek (moh eek)
Height: 1.3m
Mass: 580 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Moheek is a strange and amphibious creature. Unlike most fish like creatures the Moheek spends time in Lava. It has very thick skin, which it uses to withstand the heat. The Moheek has somehow evolved a strange adhesive that the creature excretes from its underbelly to make itself stick to the smooth rocks of SR388s caverns. The Moheeks have slightly better vision than other creatures so they tend to live closer to the Planets surface to take advantage of the extra light. The Moheek has evolved with no legs and relies only on the adhesive for transportation.

The Moheek finds small creatures to eat by simply sliding along the surface of rocks. When it finds an injured or slow creature the Moheek will slide over and eat it. This creature sleeps in a simple manner by just stopping wherever it is and hibernating, usually done after a meal. The Moheek reproduces sexually usually explaining the 3-5 Moheeks in a single area. They give live birth and the young drops into Lava and find a rock to cling to. Some die of starvation due to poor location.

The Moheek got its name by the seven fins lined up on its head, which make it look like this creature has a Mohawk. The fins have a poison that paralyzes a creature that touches them but is usually not used due to the fact most creatures escape and are eaten by another predator before the Moheek can get there. Even a Metroid will suffer the paralysis affects if it attempts to eat a Moheek.