Morphology: Lumigek
Phazon-charged reptiles.

The Lumigek is a reptilian creature that inhabits the impact crater of a Phazon meteorite. They travel in large groups and they feed off the massive amount of deadly Phazon located near the impact site. Since nearly nothing can survive the deadly amount of Phazon put out by the Lumigek or its environment, predators appear to the Lumigek very rarely. Even though their numbers usually aren’t kept in check, their only source of food is the deadly red Phazon, so they can’t leave an area near an impact site, or they will die out.

It is unknown how Lumigek adapted to the Red Phazon environment, let alone use it as a primary food source. One theory is that already radiation-resistant creatures found the Red Phazon as a source of food and energy. Over time, the offspring of these creatures became the Lumigek. They most likely travel through space in Phazon meteorites and follow these from planet to planet.

Lumigek most likely lay their eggs under Phazon, where only Lumigek can survive. Most Lumigek swarms can have any number of Lumigeks making it up. Smaller ones have 100-500 members, while larger swarms can have as many as 5,000 Lumigek. The largest known swarm is 25,000 Lumigek.