Height: 2.7 m
Mass: 250 lb
Homeworld: Kriken

Alien warrior determined to prove himself to his people

The Kriken are vicious interstellar conquerors who became a scourge in their home sector centuries before the foundation of the Galactic Federation and have been a torn in its side ever since. Even before the Kriken ‘scholars' learned the principles of Hyperspace theory their civilization was already sending out relativistic colonisation warships to target systems that long term observation pointed out to have possible habitable worlds. Kriken colonists travelled for decades or centuries in hibernation before emerging near the possible new colony world or worlds. In case investigation had proved to be wrong and no habitable world was present these colonists were trapped as all colonisation missions were one-shot attempts without any backup, force to die slowly or forcefully adapt to the circumstances. This nature is the result of the simple fact that Krikken homeworld is overpopulated, Krikken rarely die of natural causes and only through warfare and off world colonisation can the Krikken people somewhat stabilise their numbers.

Kriken history is filled with conflict due to their rapid expansionist nature; periods of peace are rare in their history and have only been possible after a severe war or series of wars that had culled most of the Kriken population. Developments such as arts or pure science are underdeveloped because of this and suffer more of the fact that most Kriken have no interest in these subjects. Technological the Kriken are behind on the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirate Legions, because of their lack of interest in pure science new developments take a long time and undergo far more test-and-trial periods than happens in most societies. Kriken rely most on the conquest of worlds inhabited by intelligent lifeforms for new technology, its believed that the Kriken gained Hyperdrive and Hyperwave through this rather than developing it themselves. The Kriken are divided in ‘clans' (closest translatable analogue) which on their turn are divided in families that are organised from powerful to weak.

Weaker families in clans do little more than serve the more powerful families and are permitted only a few Neocytes that will have the same position should they reach adulthood. Only through challenge can these Kriken hope to improve their position. As a whole the Kriken society is lead by a circle of clan elders who decide subjects from social to military matters. Krikken are Pseudo-pods, armoured creatures which closest biological relatives are crustaceans. They can only grow by shedding their natural carapace, being very vulnerable when they do this, not only to wildlife but also to the developing young of their own family and other families. During their lives Krikken go through three forms; the Neocyte, the Triskellion, and the ‘adult' stage.

Neocytes are limbless crawlers, weak when alone but dangerous in numbers, they have little intelligence and are guided by instinct most of the time. Kriken in this stage feed like leeches, attaching themselves to a host and devouring the flesh beneath the skin or amour by inject digestive fluids to liquefy it. As they make no difference between prey animal or other Kriken in this form other Kriken must be careful when handling a hungry Neocyte, especially when they are shedding their carapace after which their outer form is weak. The Triskellion is the phase in which Kriken develop limbs and start to gain sentience, like a Neocyte they still crawl on the ground but they can manipulate objects and tools. Triskellions no longer feed by injecting digestive fluids in their prey, instead a series of small pincers around their mouth pulls of small digestible bits from prey bodies.

Curiously Kriken have the ability to revert to their Triskellion form on control and return to their ‘hominid' form in the same way, this allows Kriken to enter small areas and corridors. Several years are needed for a Kriken to reach the ‘adult' form and many Kriken die during their Neocyte or Triskellion form, ‘culling' the Kriken' families of weaker members. When they have reached the ‘adult' form they assume a hominid shape, ranging from smaller to slightly larger to the average general hominid. Its when they reach this phase the clan elders start ‘testing' their children to determine their rank in the clan, tests range from intellectual challenges, duels with other clan siblings the same age, to the rite of passage. A Kriken's first and most important loyalty is to the clan, next to the Kriken species, and last to itself, if a Kriken is successful in the rite he or she does not only gain power prestige for his clan and a better position in the Kriken society but also personal respect and power.

The Kriken homeworld is slightly radioactive ‘hotter' because their system's star is a red super giant, covering the surface of the Kriken with strong ultra violet radiation during most of its rotation. Because of this life on the Kriken homeworld had to adapt strong natural resistance such as densely layered DNA and radiation resistant armour. Still the radiation causes severe mutations in even slightly unprotected lifeforms, those that can tolerate the natural strong radiation prove also be very resistant against other natural and artificial toxins. Lifeforms such as the Kriken are also immune to the most virulent micro organisms; in turn indigenous micro organisms on the Kriken homeworld are very dangerous to non indigenous life. Trace is a young Kriken ‘male' who only recently has reached the ‘adult' form. As is custom in Kriken clan matters Trace must prove its worth to the clan and the Kriken species as a whole by gaining them an important victory.

When Trace received the telepathic communiqué from the Alimbic Cluster in the Tetra Galaxy it realised this to be the opportunity not only to gain itself and its clan much prestige but also gain the Kriken species as a whole a significant advantage. Since the foundation of the Galactic Federation Kriken expansion has been severally limited because of the protection the Federation Galactic Army and Space Police provides to possible Kriken target worlds. As the Kriken can not match the superior technology of the Federation their only alternative is to avoid conflict altogether. Some individuals hope that this restraining of Kriken expansion will lead to a more diplomatic and tolerant Kriken species that in time will take their place in galactic society but cultural experts warn that these are the fancy dreams of fools as the concept of tolerance for non species individuals is alien and unthinkable to the Kriken.

Trace hopes to use the advance weaponry it will find in the Alimbic cluster to increase the military strength of its people so that they can finally invade and harvest the richer sectors of the Galactic Federation. Trace itself is a standard Kriken male, relying for most of its protection on the natural armour that covers its entire body, still Trace realises the threat of advanced weaponry and has implanted a shield system underneath the armour. It has also undergone cyborg modification so it can use devices normally intended for power armour suits. Last, Trace uses a modifiable weapon system which can be upgraded with new technology and weapon expansions. Trace alternative form is the Triskellion, a form all adult members of Trace's species can assume. In this form Trace relies on its natural attack abilities such as Charge.


Though an alliance between the Kriken and the Space Pirate Legions would not seem unlikely there is actual a great animosity between the two species. Though the Space Pirates are highly xenophobic they still wish to control and rule non Pirates where as the Kriken want to exterminate all non Kriken lifeforms. Space Pirates consider the Kriken a ‘dangerous' pest they should wipe out sooner or later.