Subject: Ki Hunter Pirate Confederacy, Geoform Species 352
Height: 1.5m (average)
Mass: 150 lbs (average)
Homeworld: Unknown


For the last few decades the Galactic Federation's long-range sensor observation posts have been tracking the progress of a vast colonization fleet that originates from outside our galaxy. As the entry point of this fleet into the galaxy was far located from the nearest Galactic Federation border, deep within the unknown regions, proper First Contact procedures could not be initiated. Only in time representatives of the Galactic Federation establish contact and perhaps formal relations with this species from another galaxy.

However contact would prove to be more disastrous than any Federation ambassador could fear throughout the recorded Federation history with new civilizations and species. The aliens, referring themselves as the Ki Hunters possessed a culture and a set of customs that was totally alien and incompatible of that of the Galactic Federation. Simply taking what they needed while ignoring the rights or presence of other native species, most of the time even removing these species violently. The Ki Hunter species is a very industrial aggressive civilization; stripping any world they colonize, dry of all its resources within several generations time period. Leaving these worlds as mined out lifeless husks as the Ki Hunters move on to new ground. As they move more and more closer to Galactic Federation territory, it will no doubt lead to a clash of civilizations as the Ki Hunters doctrine demands them to continue forwards and spread out. To stagnate is to become extinct.

Recently Space Police Intelligence has uncovered information about an alliance between the Space Pirate and the Ki Hunters. This makes it more important to find a hopefully diplomatic solution to the Ki Hunter migration. Ki Hunters are a collective species; each individual member of the community is a part of a larger collective mind that is formed by all Ki Hunters. Like cells of a larger organism. It gives the Ki Hunters great strength but is also their weakness as individual Ki Hunters on their own have very limited if any intelligence at all. When provoked they rather act on instinct than planned out attack, assaulting their prey with their claws or using a corrosive acid they are able spit from glands in their ‘heads'.

Like the Space Pirates, Ki Hunters are highly evolved insectoids. Unlike the Space Pirates Ki Hunters are barely humanoid at all, resembling their ancestors almost completely except size and the development of claws that allowed them to manipulate their environment and develop accomplishments such as technology. Despite their larger size Ki Hunters have retained their ability of flight, having a pair of wings on their back, shielded by their wing case when not in use. Millions of years ago the Ki Hunters started out as a communal race not unlike that of Earth bees and ants, as the hive instinct slowly developed into a species wide telepathy, the organization skills that came with it made the Ki Hunter more effective and successful in the ecosystem they were part off, launching them to the top as no other species could compete with them. This telepathy has developed to the level that they can now communicate with each other over a range of thousands of light years instantaneously.

The glands they use to secrete acid when attacking are an evolutionary leftover from the time that their ancestors still built nests inside trees and rocks. Instead of secreting wax like for example bees to construct hives, they ‘burn' out nesting areas out of solid mass. It is also used to dissolve organic matter to a ‘jelly' like state on which the Ki Hunters and their larvae feed. Ki Hunters are one of the few sentient species throughout the galaxy that are asexual, each drone has both male and female organs and it's not uncommon that when two members mate that they impregnate each other in the process. The eggs that are laid after mating are stuck on the ceiling of a room for indefinite time after which a Ki Hunter larvae crawls out of, immediately instinctively searching for food which usually is provided in abundance by the mature Ki Hunters. Unlike mature Ki Hunters, larvae are not sentient at all and simply following their instinctive urges. As mentioned before, Ki Hunters are a hyperspace capable species, traveling through space onboard massive generation ships while searching for the resources they need for their civilization.

Once a world is located that matches the preferred search parameters, the ship goes into orbit around this world, or lands on its surface, becoming the nucleus of the Ki Hunter operation. As the generation ships carry all the industrial equipment needed, no infrastructure is required. Almost immediately after landfall the Ki Hunters can start with stripping their current host world of resources such as metals and food supplies. Ki Hunters do not seem to use any form of energy or projectile based weaponry when facing opponents in the field of combat, rather relying on their sharp claws, quick reflexes and acid producing glands. But as these make Ki Hunters effective fighters, the lack of any fabricated weaponry can be seen as one of the few advantages for Federation police or military personnel who could face Ki Hunters in battle.