Height: 2.4 m
Mass: 350 lb
Homeworld: Unknown

Experimental super soldier gone rogue

Kanden, a fusion of genetic engineering linked to a cybernetic combat system. It was created by splicing the genetics of the known galaxy's strongest predatory organisms into one form, creating a lifeform designed to survive at all costs in any environment. The project that would result into Kanden was started by a group of scientists who according to Galactic Federation official investigation were rogues who were acting on their own accord, violating various laws regarding bio-engineering and cybernetic modification set by the Galactic Federation decades ago.

There are a number of factions within the Federation counsel itself who have expressed their doubts with the investigation regarding the scientists' self employment, a project of this nature could impossibly be conducted without the resources from a larger establishment. Discovery of the project took place after Kanden, the initial prototype violently escaped the research facility where it was created and trained, dozens of people were cut down as it forced a way to the outside and the survivors died when the reactor of the complex went critical due to the damage Kanden had caused on it. Emergency workers and investigators found the facility in ruins, most of its computer network down and damaged beyond repair and no immediate evidence who had caused the damage in the first place and where this person or being had headed off too.

After Kanden started to move through the galaxy, causing great destruction and taking out any force that stood in its way, Federation investigators started to connect it to information they were able to extract from the surviving primary computer core and the back-up core. The scientists at the complex had been quite successful with their merger of various gene-types, using genetic engineering to select predatory traits that were to be dominant in the prototype super soldier. The created bioform was infused with a cybernetic ‘frame' that incorporates a data processing system directly tied into the senses and which also can access other data networks, regenerative armour plating, energy shield projectors, modular weapon and equipment systems and a powerful reactor which is located in Kanden itself. Already impressive physical strength was also enhanced through cybernetics, Kanden is far stronger that most average hominid lifeforms and has a longer endurance when it has to use its strength. Kanden is also fast for a biped.

From the moment Kanden was ‘taught' how weapons systems worked and operated it was instructed in the use of various weapons; projectile, concussion, energy, radiation, cryogenic, as well as melee weaponry such as blades, spears, pikes, and poles, and various unarmed combat styles from a variety of worlds where these are still practised. It was also ‘educated' in its enhanced predatory traits such as the ability it possesses when entering its alternate form. Unfortunate despite its enhanced intelligence and senses Kanden's brain was still mortal, barely able to deal with the various information input it was getting from its enhanced senses and the information that was directly put into its mind by the scientists who wanted to make their prototype ready for field testing, possible display for their contractors and customers, and mass production. Kanden turned psychotic from all the combat and war scenarios it was ‘fed' and started to see itself as a superior and dominant lifeform compared to other intelligent life.

In the end it refused to cooperate or obey its creators and displayed severe aggressive behaviour towards them, making the scientists realise that their super soldier was slipping out of their control. Unfortunate for the scientists they did not get the chance to regain control or neutralise Kanden as it had decided its servitude had come to an end and that its first act to gain control and ensure its existence was by neutralising the creators, the only beings who could stop it on the short term. A battle probably must have broken out in which most of the science staff and the security personnel was killed or severally wounded. From the facility level where Kanden stayed when not going through tests or simulations it headed deeper into the complex, eliminating any resistance and surviving personnel until it reached the reactor powering the base, smashing its controls to make the reactor reach critical mass.

Data from a surviving perimeter monitor that has recently been recovered clearly show Kanden exiting the research complex in its alternate form just before the reactor exploded, killing anyone who may have survived Kanden's base wide extermination. Since then Kanden has gone rampant through the galaxy, attacking other beings without any clear motivation other than the sake of killing.The Federation counsel has shown a great concern of this science experiment gone rogue and has called forth that the Galactic Army itself should intervene and shut down Kanden for good. As mentioned before Kanden is a fusion of genetically engineered tissue that has been directly connected to cybernetic systems which form its ‘skin'. Both systems are so integrated with each other that they can not survive independent. Kanden is given armour upgrades far beyond those of conventional forces, some that are considered ‘theoretical', only schematics in mainframes of military technology manufacturers.

The armour is regenerative, incorporating an organic like nanite system that can repair all organic and cybernetic systems in time. This fact opens questions as renegade scientists outside the Federation should not be able to get access to such advanced hardware, that they have created it on their own is questionable. Kanden's weapons are part of its own form, directly being powered by the reactor that also supplies energy to the rest of its body. It has a modular nature allowing it to be upgraded in a variety of ways. The rest of Kanden's body shares the modular nature, permitting it to infuse new technology with ease into itself. Kanden's alternate form is the Sting Larvae, a form that is the fusion of various hardened crawling lifeforms throughout the galaxy. The weapon system Kanden can use in this form; the Sting bomb, is a natural predator ability that has been enhanced through technology, giving it a homing ability.

The following is classified under the Federation Espionage Law and for selected personnel only.

Subject: Kanden
Class organism: Fusion of a Bio engineered organism with cybernetic systems possessing predatory traits.

The result of project ‘Nietzsche', purpose of project ‘Nietzsche' was to create a standard of elite shock troopers that could be deployed in war scenarios where the Galactic Federation could not operate or could not openly intervene due to public image. These super soldiers would not only be able operate without the need of standard support but also completely within set parameters given by Command without showing initiative to alter or deviate.

At least that was the purpose of the original project.

As the official report described, the prototype turned renegade, causing severe damage to the class Silver research complex our organisation provided, assassinated the science staff we had to carefully recruit from worlds throughout the galaxy that could not be connected with each other, and destroyed ten years of work which can not be reconstructed. This is not only a financial disaster, it has set back project ‘Nietzsche' for decades with the possibility that the project will be suspended indefinitely. Command is most displeased about the handling of the awareness the general population on the renegade unit ‘Kanden', our ‘Public Awareness' department has been working overtime to alter initial information to disapprove any connection with the establishment that could lead to our organisation.

The official story is that the renegade super soldier was created by a group of renegade scientists who were working on their own. But the fact that most of these scientists were known members of the Federation science community only a few years ago before this assignment is already causing doubts amongst influential government members who have been suspecting our hand in government matters for some time now. It is imperative that these individuals do not find solid evidence that could lead to investigation by outside agencies to determine the identity of the contractors of these particular scientists but also other projects that have gained public awareness. As for Kanden itself, the Federation counsel itself has already proposed official actions to locate and neutralise the renegade unit. Through our connections with the Galactic Army it should be possible to insert a recovery team in the task force assigned to hunt down Kanden, their purpose will be to retrieve the remains of the unit and transport it back to our facilities or to destroy it in case recovery will not be possible.