Creature Name: Lesser Ithrak

The Lesser Ithrak is another Sheegoth-Like creature. It has large and powerful legs that can allow it to jump a few meters. The tail of the Ithrak can allow it to cling to a wall until it senses prey nearby. When the creatures release the holding mechanism on their tail they can fall a considerable distance. The legs take the brunt of this fall so the Ithrak can automatically attack the creature it sensed.

The Lesser Ithrak has very large and powerful mandibles. After it drops from its perch it will jump at the creature biting at it. Normally a creature will be killed or severely injured from this attack. After the creature finally dies the Ithrak sniffs it out trying to find whatever it was. When it does the Ithrak sweeps it up in its powerful jaws and swallows the creature whole. Greater and Lesser Ithraks both mate through sexual reproduction. Lesser Ithraks are the more common of the two Ithrak species because they tend to stay in areas close to other Ithraks.

The Greater Ithraks main advantage over a Lesser Ithrak is the creatures’ harder shell. Most attacks fly off the creature except on the back. Its back has a surprisingly small amount of protection so the Greater Ithraks only venerable point is its back. Any other attacks have no effect whatsoever. Lesser Ithraks have a full body venerability making them the main meal choice for large predators. Greater Ithraks are only found on two places on the Alimbic Cluster while the lesser Ithrak is found on three.