Ing Family Geneology

Morphology: Inglet
Worker drone of the Ing Horde.

Wall-crawling, morphing bioform. Strongly dislikes bright light. Inglets perform the menial labor of the Horde, but can be pressed into a combat role if there is need. They are amorphous blobs, capable of clinging to nearly any surface. Inglets can fire bursts of dark matter in self-defense, though they prefer to avoid battle. They seldom travel alone, and can be dangerous in large numbers. As with all Ings, they dislike bright light, and will avoid it if possible.

Morphology: Warrior Ing
The soldiers of the Ing Horde.

Shapeshifting wallcrawler. Dangerous combatant in melee and at range. Dislikes bright light. Warrior Ing are challenging foes. They can render themselves into amorphous puddles and move over most terrain, including walls. Warrior Ing can turn their bodies into deadly projectiles sheathed in dark energy. The tips of their legs are razor sharp, making them formidable in melee. Finally, Warrior Ing are capable of channeling transdimensional energy and firing it at their enemies. Their only real weakness is bright, pure light, which they hate and fear.

Morphology: Hunter Ing
Elite warriors of the Ing Horde.

Phasing shapeshifter. Deadly in close combat. Dislikes bright light. The Hunter Ing patrol the lands of Dark Aether in search of the Horde's enemies. They can render their bodies intangible, allowing them to ambush their targets with ease. Hunter Ing can generate long, deadly tentacles, which they use with great effect in battle. Cunning and relentless, the Hunter Ing will seize their prey or die.

Morphology: Ing Larva Swarm
Large pack of hunting infants.

Swarm is largely harmless. Infants will avoid bright light when possible. Ing larvae travel in swarms for protection. They are weak, with no real defenses or attacks. The few that make it to adulthood are quite cunning and vicious.

Morphology: Darkling Tentacle
Dimension-warping Ing tendril.

Darkling will open warps and attempt to grapple enemy targets. Dislikes bright light. Some darklings can open dimensional portals at will. They use this ability to hunt for unwary prey, reaching out to snatch them with their tentacles. Once ensnared, the prey is dragged to its doom. The tentacles are resilient; pure light energy can disrupt them. Nothing can destroy them.

Morphology: Ingstorm
Cluster of corrosive darklings.

Contact with target swarm not recommended. Capable of corroding steel. The Ingstorm is a collective swarm of tiny Ing. When banded together, they can emit destructive energy that, over time, can break down the most durable of alloys.

Morphology: Ing Emperor
Bioscans indicate that this is the strongest, eldest Ing in the Horde, the Alpha, and the Omega. It has absorbed enormous amounts of Phazon energy into its body, mutating itself in the process. Apparently, this power is not enough for the creature, as it is now siphoning energy from the final Energy Controller. Like its brethron, the Emperor Ing is a metamorph. It has molded itself around the precious Energy Controller, and will defend it to the death, using its own body as a sheild and weapon. Destroy the tentacles it generates to weaken the creature and its defenses. Further exposure to Phazon has mutated the Emperor Ing. It is now capable of sheilding its vulnerable areas with energy barriers. Beams of opposite polarity can damage these barriers, however. Heavy damage to these barriers will cause them to drop, exposing the creature's weak spots. Target the weak spots to immobilize and damage the enemy.