Creature Name: Hornoad (hor nohd)
Height: 1.9m
Mass: 2054 kg
Homeworld: SR388

Hornaods are in many of their environments Beta predators of their ecology.

After careful study of their anatomies, the Hornoad is a formidable predator indeed. It's body is covered in a rough, warty skin. This skin is thought to be used to prevent moisture loss in the hot environments in which it dwells. On it's back, the warts protrude to form spines which are believed to be a defense mechanism. Seeing as the Hornoad has no neck, it's backside is vulnerable to attack, making the spines and excellent deterrent. It's powerful legs allow the creature massive bursts of speed, as well as a jumping capability of over 6m. It's massive mouth is lined with rows of small, needle like teeth. Through all these natural adaptations, the Hornoad's vision is not the sharpest. This tends it to bump into things very regularly, though it's skin is so tough it barely notices.

Hornoads lay eggs in hardened sacs on the undersides of rock walls.