Creature Name: Gullugg (guhl uhg)
Height: 2.3 m
Mass: 1780 kg
Homeworld: SR388

Gulluggs are large aerial rodents that roost in the upper fissures of large cave passages. They have evolved large eyes to help them better navigate the treacherous terrain in such low lighting conditions. The fly almost completely upside down, with legs up in the air and head downwards. This is an evolutionary oddity, as no other creature on SR388 has been known to do this. It is thought this behavior has come about do to the Gullugg's constant state of perching upside down. It's mouth is a long tube intertwined with many syphoning organs in which it uses to pierce it's prey and lap up any nutrients it can find.

Gulluggs are very docile unless directly threatened, in which they make a high pitched shrill. This shrill is used as an attractant to other Gulluggs, also warning them of impending danger as well. The Gullugg eats just about anything smaller than itself. It usually either impales the creature with its tail and devours it or attacks from behind and begins to eat the creature. Their main choice of prey is the Mumbo. Alpha Metroids usually attack and eat the Gullugg. The Gullugg is a strange creature in the fact it can fly while sleeping. Many Gullugg’s continue their flying pattern while sleeping and awaken after they rested enough energy or they are being attacked. The Gullugg breed in the air and lay their eggs in small crevices between rocks.