Morphology: Spider Guardian
Spider Ball powered darkling.

The Spider Guardian was a Pillbug that was infected by an ING that had absorbed the Spider Ball data. This creature now has the ability to stick onto magnetic surfaces by the Negative Protons on its underside. Otherwise it has the normal behavior of a Pillbug. To defend itself it will roll along in a ball but that somehow creates a magnetic reaction between itself and the magnetic tracks and a large magnetic energy field surrounds the creature making it nearly impossible to harm while rolling on the tracks. When off the tracks the strange reaction ceases and the field is broken making the Pillbug vulnerable.

The Spider Guardian has a larger variety of prey since it can use the field and the magnetic tracks to find and eat prey faster. Prey is hard to find in its home the Sanctuary Fortress though because most creatures are mechanical. The Spider Guardian usually doesn’t need food due to the ING possession but sometimes it will eat another Pillbug. The Spider Guardian doesn’t rest nor mate since the INGs genes can’t be passed on to another creature the Spider Guardian is unique. It doesn’t rest because its energy will weaken and the Energy Field will be disabled.

The Spider Guardian is vulnerable to huge blasts of electricity at once because it can use the Energy Fields own power and backfire it onto the Spider Guardian. These blasts need a high amount of electrical output to become successful though. If a small burst of energy disabled the Energy Field of the Spider Guardian and it is regained in a short time the Energy Fields color and power would vary depending on the speed of which the creature is moving. If it is weak and energy drained the Field will be Green. If it is normal and relaxed blue. Lastly if it is injured or excited Red.