Creature Name: Gravitt (grah vit)
Height: 1.1 m
Mass: 90 lbs
Homeworld: SR388

The Gravitt is the weaker relative to the Ramulken. The creature has only one eye because it really finds eyesight useless. When it finds soft, sandy soil the Gravitt will dig into it with its claws. After the digging process the Gravitt will simply lie in the hole with the large spike on its head protruding. This is the easiest way to protect the Gravitts only vulnerable point its soft underbelly. Most predators such as the Alpha and Gamma Metroids can't come after the Gravitt underground and the spiked outer layer is nearly impenetrable.

The creature is somewhat similar to a Gawron. Its skin can pick up the vibrations above it. Being slightly more intelligent this creature will rise from the ground and walk toward whatever had made the vibrations. If the creature is either too big to eat or a predator the Gravitt will again submerge itself in the soil. It’s at that time most Gravitts are eaten. Everything else it does submerged in soil. A Gravitt feeds by jumping on its prey and eating it through the tentacles on its body.

The Gravitts may be an early stage in the evolution of SR388s creatures. It has the vibration detecting skin of a Gawron, the mostly same physical appearance of the Ramuken, the protection instincts of the Skorp, and the nearly impenetrable hide of the Moto. Although very different scientists say that the Gravitt may be one of the first creatures that evolved on SR388.