Name: Gorea (goh ria)
Length: Unconfirmed
Mass: Unconfirmed
Homeworld: Unknown

Gorea was the reason the entire Alimbic race was destroyed and their peace decimated. Gorea struck Alinds as a comet emerging as a vapor. The vapor than read the genetic coding of the Alimbics and shape shifted into the solid Gorea. Using every weapon the Alimbics could still not stop Gorea from draining their energies and weapons. With most of the Alimbic race dead the Alimbic Cannon was used to open another dimension. Firstly Gorea was lured into a trap and captured in the Seal Sphere.

Inside the Seal Sphere all but the eight remaining Alimbic Elders used their Psychic energy to ensure Gorea could not escape its stone prison on its own. Knowing that Gorea was a threat to the galaxy they created Oubilette. Oubilette is a prison for Gorea a giant ship where Gorea is held. Still knowing this is not enough the Alimbic Elders sent Gorea and Oubilette into another dimension generated by the Alimbic Cannon.

The Elders built the Guardians, Crephtaphid, and Slench’s to insure safety of what the Alimbic Cannon is powered by. The Octoliths are basically keys to power the Cannon. All the Octoliths contain the energy of an Alimbic Elder. Once the eight Octoliths are fit into the Alimbic Cannon the gate will open to Goreas holding pen known as the Infinity Void. The lore left behind states to only attack Gorea if you have the intensions of destroying the horror once and for all.

If the Alimbic Prophesy is fulfilled than Gorea will truly be ferocious. The Prophecy states, “From the Blackness will come a Flash of Yellow Lighting, Yellow Lighting shall strike with Demonic Fury upon the Greenwood, With a voice of Thunder shall the Greenwood burst into an Orange Blaze, The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of Blue Mist, Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the Geometry of Violet Crystal, Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens leaving in its wake a Red Stain, and when the Read Stain shall vanish the ancient Alimbic power will manifest”

If that prophecy is fulfilled and Gorea is defeated Gorea will transform into Gorea 2 and the Omega Cannon will become visible. The Alimbic Elders built the Omega Cannon for it was the only weapon that could destroy Gorea. Since it was too powerful they sealed it away on Oubilette and could only be unlocked if the Alimbic Prophecy is fulfilled. Gorea 2 is equipped with Plasma rays and it still holds the Seal Sphere, trying to drain as much power as possible from it. The Omega Cannon has a high amount of Gamma Radiation and if used on the Seal Sphere can destroy Gorea 2.

Goreas Seal Sphere can’t drain spiritual energy before it becomes Gorea 2 but it can still drain weaponry abilities. The Omega Cannon was never used on Gorea because the Elders feared Gorea would copy it. In truth Gorea can’t copy Gamma Radiation. Goreas arm and specifically shoulders are where its power to generate weaponry. If the same type of weaponry destroys these Gorea would flip over and allow the Seal Sphere to drain a creature’s energy to help it recover. These are usually Trocras. If the Seal Sphere is damaged Gorea will attempt to attack again. If the Seal Sphere is destroyed the Alimbic Spirits can rest in peace.