Height: 2.3 m (homonid mode)
Mass: 842 lb (homonid mode)
Homeworld: Unknown. Believed to be located in the Thormin Star Cluster.

Cybernetic Space Hunter

The Space Hunter Ghor was a member of a species of cyborg that originate from and inhabit Galactic Star Cluster SD237A, or the Thormin Star Cluster as they call it themselves.

As is custom in their society Ghor underwent cybernetic augmentation on a young age, excess bio matter was removed and existing biological material was enhanced or replaced with cybernetic replacements to optimize capabilities.

Ghor was also fitted with a cyber link in his nerve cluster so that he could interface with data networks and connect to various machines and technologies, expanding his natural capabilities with new abilities. During his raising Ghor already showed a great interest in the galaxy outside his own homeworld and after having completed basic education he joined his society’s space naval academy where he underwent training and augmentation for interstellar travel while he studied to become a navigator.

It was during the initial training phase that his educators discovered that Ghor had proficiency for weapons, battlefield tactics and their implementation; he was well skilled in linking up with mech weapon systems and combat vehicles. He also showed to have limited problems at cyber linking with non native technologies and Artificial Intelligence structures, something most of Ghor’s kind despite their cybernetic nature had difficulties with. Though much to his sadness as he had wanted to become a non combat officer, Ghor was asked to join the defense forces as his superiors believed he would serve his people at his best as a soldier.

He became one of his people’s best skilled soldiers, carrying out various missions for them as he went to the edge of their known space and beyond before he returned to his homeworld for an honorable discharge. However the life of conflict changed him and Ghor soon realized that he was suffering from restlessness since retiring from the defense force. After various stints across space, taking on jobs in militias, Ghor had decided to become a Space Hunter to take on the assignments he felt that were just and needed someone like him. When the Liberation War on Wotan VII started Ghor was one of the outsiders who came to the planet to fight for its oppressed people.

During this conflict Ghor suffered injuries of various types but decided instead of healing his battered biological form to continue augmentation until only 6 percent of his birth body was left. Ghor by now had become a renowned Space Hunter in Galactic Federation and he was taking assignments from the Galactic Federation Police and the Galactic Army to confront enemies such as the Space Pirate forces that preyed on Federation worlds. The Hunter realized that the Pirates may posed the greatest threat to galactic civilization, using any means necessary to fulfil their thirst for conquest and expansion.

It is also believe, but unconfirmed that it was through the efforts of Ghor that the Galactic Federation learned of the Space Pirate fortress upon the planet Zebes.

Due to his excellent service in battling the Space Pirate threat in past sorties, he was one of the first choices of Admiral Dane to combat their new threat they posed. Ghor was quick to respond. He teamed up with other well known Space Hunters including the most famous of them all, the Space Hunter Samus Aran who was known for her previous missions against the Space Hunters, especially her infiltration of the planet Zebes and destroying the Space Pirate fortress there while taking out a number of Space Pirate commanders. Having assembled only minutes earlier onboard the GFS Olympus, the Galactic Federation flagship of the sector, Ghor and the other hunters were immediately dispatched when Space Pirates attacked the fleet and the planet Norion, home to a naval station around which Admiral Dane’s fleet had taken position. Ghor was to assist with the reactivation of Sector Zero base’s defenses in order to take out the invading Pirates, but moments after he had made planet fall he and the other hunters were informed that a massive object had appeared from a wormhole and was heading straight for Norion.

The hunters quickly reactivated the base’s power generators and apparently even a Space Pirate commander was defeated before Ghor, Rundas, Gandrayda and Samus met up at the base’s main weapon control center where they would activate the main cannon. Unfortunate the Dark Samus, who was leading the Space Pirate attack appeared on the scene and infected the hunters with a Phazon based virus, knocking them unconscious before they could activate the base’s main defense. Samus Aran managed to retain consciousness long enough to activate the defenses and the object, later revealed to be a Leviathan was destroyed.

After the Galactic Federation troopers had secured the base they brought the unconscious hunters back to the GFS Olympus for emergency medical assistance, once in the medical bay the chief medical officer concluded that the hunters’ bodies somehow had started to generate Phazon. Seeing this as a possible useful asset admiral Dane ordered the medics and engineers to fit the hunters with a PED suit which would allow them to use their newfound Phazon energy in combat. Unknown to the Federation medical officers and scientists the Phazon generated inside the hunters was a symptom of the Phazon corruption virus the Dark Samus had infected them with, and by using the PED the infection process would only be accelerated until full corruption would take place. Ghor, Rundas and Gandrayda recovered two weeks later from Dark Samus’ attack and all seemed relative unscathed from it.

Their infection had only made limited progress and because of that had been unnoticed by the automated systems. By this time the worlds of Bryyo and Elysia had fallen and the Space Pirate stronghold had still not been discovered by Galactic Federation scouts and decryption specialists, so admiral Dane decided to deploy the three recovered Space Hunters; Rundas was to go to Bryyo to assess the situation and assist Galactic Federation survivors, Ghor was to go an observation facility in the upper atmosphere of the planet Elysia to aid the artificial intelligence there, and Gandrayda was to seek the location of the Space Pirate base from where the Pirates were organizing their current attacks on the Federation.

Elysia had been hit by a Leviathan similar to the ones the Dark Samus sent to Norion and Bryyo, and though it had missed observatory called Skytown, the Phazon it had released and the Space Pirate forces that had followed up had put the native AS in disarray, many of them would later be converted to follow the command of Dark Samus and her Space Pirate followers. When Ghor discovered this he set out to liberate the Elysians and repair the Aurora unit of Skytown which could assist him with this task before he would try to destroy the Phazon Seed that now was growing beneath Elysia’s storm swept lower atmosphere.

However during this struggle Ghor relied much on his PED to take on the Pirate forces, not knowing that it accelerated the Phazon corruption inside him, as it spread it took control of him and perverted him until he was fully corrupted. This had been Dark Samus’ goal as through Phazon corruption she gained full control of a being, Ghor was now fully under her control and he was conscripted into her army of followers, taking the position as a field commander of the Space Pirates in Skytown. Through his cyber link he could now also control the AS of Skytown, using them as soldiers and workers to assist the Space Pirates’ operation on the planet.

By the time Samus came across Ghor, he sought to destroy her in name of his master Dark Samus.

Samus was forced to fight Ghor after he had attempted to destroy her gunship, despite Ghor’s formidable fighting capabilities she succeeded and Ghor was disarmed. But on the moment Ghor had been defeated and his combat armor self destructed, the Dark Samus appeared on the scene in a wraith like form, she absorbed Ghor into herself, perhaps adding his strength to herself after which she left. Ghor’s corruption and death had a significant impact on the peoples of the Galactic Federation, while he was definitely known for his prowess in the field of battle; he was mostly remembered for his kindness and giving nature, making him beloved by many. The Elysians made a digital statue of him to commemorate him by which they later gave to his own people.

Unlike most species because of their often complete biological nature, Ghor’s people can interlink with machines and vehicles, becoming ‘part’ of the technology in the process. The result is that both user and machine work far more effective, user can operate the machine as if it was an extension of the user’s own body and detect possible flaws or damage within instants. This process is called machine empathy, however the link is a two way connection as transmissions by the linked machine are also translated into nerve transmissions, sometimes radically changing the personality of a user.

Ghor himself worked a lot with weaponry and battle vehicles and as he interfaced and linked with them his normal friendly behavior was replaced with aggression and violence. The Phazon corruption Dark Samus infected him with strengthened this personality until it was in full control of him. Ghor used a custom designed mech armor suit during combat, it was specifically made for him and included some unique features such as alternate transformation modes; the battlesuit also could be ‘transformed’ into a hyperspace travel capable space fighter, making it one of the most smallest interstellar spacecraft in known use.

The suit was equipped with a Plasma Beam weapon similar to the Chozo based Power Suit modification, perhaps that the weapon was inspired on that technology but Federation engineers can’t be sure without taking the weapon apart which is now impossible. Another weapon system was a dual multi missile launcher located on the back of the armor that could fire concussion missiles; this weapon was not always effective as it required a long target lock. Ghor’s suit could also release energy shockwaves from the armor’s legs, Ghor would get airborne to allow the generators to power up before releasing the energy by forcefully landing on the ground. One other unique attack was a form of ‘whirlwind’ melee attack which Ghor performed by rapidly spinning his armor suit, during which weapons fire with either kinetic or energy weapons became ineffective.

Like most Power Suits the armor could also generate a personal force field for protection, but Ghor’s suit could also generate a force ‘wall’, an impenetrable energy shield that could protect him from a variety of attacks. But there are some limits to this technology; the armor could generate the force wall only in one vector, making it susceptible from attacks from other angles. Ghor would usually generate such a force wall when he intended to ram his target. Due to Ghor’s infection with the Phazon corruption virus and being fitted with a PED module Ghor could enter Hypermode during which his attacks increased in strength. The Plasma weapon would take on characteristics of a Phazon beam while the energy shockwaves would be more powerful and have a wider range.

The few weaknesses in the suit were Ghor himself if he did not generate a force wall to protect himself or leave himself open after a failed ramming attack, another was a small module connected to the suit’s CPU that would stick out from time to time, making the suit shut down when hit.