Creature Name: Gawron (gah run)
Height:1.3 m
Mass: 345 kg
Homeworld: SR388

This creature has extremely sharp outer teeth. It uses these teeth to find soft soil and make a large nest underground all by digging. Afterwards other Gawron come to live in the ready built nests to save space and find a mate. They also use the teeth for ripping apart food. Inside the hive the Gawrons lay dormant until something approaches above then they leave the nest to attack.

The Gawron do most of their necessary activities such as sleep, mate, and give birth inside the underground nest. They eat outside. When a Gawron feels vibrations through its special skin the creature will emerge from its nest and carelessly open its mouth and charge the approaching creature. If the target is small and easy to kill the Gawron will viscously rip apart the creature then eat it on the spot. If that Gawron is fed it returns to the nest, satisfied. When more vibrations are felt or if the previous Gawron dies the next hungriest in the nest attacks to eat or protect. That is basically the day-to-day rituals of Gawron society.

A Gawrons skin is very hard and rigid. The hard shell around the creatures face protects its vital organs from thrashing prey. The other layer of skin is rigid so if the ground moves or if a flying creature emits a fluttering of wings the Gawron can detect it without exposing itself giving it a "surprise attack" advantage on prey. Because of this unique feature the creature has large eyes although it still can't see very well in SR388s dark caverns.