Height: 1.86 m
Mass: 110 lb
Homeworld: Unknown

Mysterious shape shifting space hunter from beyond

Little is known about the unique shape shifter turned space hunter Gandrayda, about her personal background or about her people as the Galactic Federation as yet has to encounter them. She possesses metamorphic abilities similar to the bio-morphology of Jovia XII but it’s not proven that she is related to those species. Gandrayda appeared several standard years ago in the Galactic Federation’s community where she quickly gained public awareness of her special abilities, where she exactly came from she never told the officials of the Galactic Federation who interviewed her. Scientist speculate that the form Gandrayda assumed when she was posing as another being might not be her true form, rather a form she assumed to socialize easier with hominid species. Soon after her formal introduction Gandrayda gained a Space Hunters licence and offered her skills in that role to factions within the Federation. She was often contracted to carry out infiltration and reconnaissance assignments through she has formidable combat skills as well.

In behavior Gandrayda seemed rather youthful, treating her assignments as a sport and carried these out with some joviality though she would never let this get in way of completing successfully and to the letter of the assignment. One interesting note of behavior was her attitude toward fellow Space Hunter Samus Aran which she considered her main rival in the field, a rival she planned to succeed as the number one space hunter. Still it is a somewhat friendly rivalry as both hunters worked together well when they were assigned to the same task of protecting Sector Zero base on Norion.

Like other space hunters such as Ghor, Rundas, and Samus Aran, Gandrayda has been summoned to the GFS Olympus by Admiral Dane to assist the Galactic Federation military with countering the shut down of most of the Federation’s Aurora network by a Space Pirate virus which had crippled essential defense systems throughout the territories. While Ghor, Rundas and Samus Aran would go to the various where the Aurora Unit had been shut down and reactivate these, Gandrayda would use her metamorphic abilities to infiltrate the Space Pirate Legions to track down the source of the virus, possible locating a Aurora Unit that had been stolen by the Space Pirates months earlier from the crippled GFS Valhalla.

This operation never came to be as soon after Samus Aran’s arrival on the GFS Olympus, it and its task force in orbit around Norion were attacked by a Space Pirate task force emerging from a wormhole. Admiral Dane ordered the space hunters to go planet side and assist the personnel of Sector Zero base with the defense of the installation and the reactivation or the primary defense weapon. Gandrayda was later encountered in the base by Samus Aran while assuming the form of a Space Pirate and infiltrating a small squad of them that attempted to destroy one of the generators of the base. She quickly dispatched the Pirates as these attempted to attack Samus Aran, and resumed her normal form after which she suggested to Samus that she should activate the generator as ‘machines were not her thing.’

All Space Hunters later met up in the elevator leading to the control chamber of Sector Zero’s main defense cannon, as a leviathan had appeared in Norion’s orbit and was rapidly entering the planet’s atmosphere in order to impact with the surface, the hunters had to hurry to activate the cannon and destroy the leviathan. Just before they could do so the Dark Samus arrived in the control chamber and almost dispatched all the hunters, when it failed to do so it instead generated a powerful Phazon shockwave that infected Samus, Ghor, Gandrayda and Rundas with a Phazon corruption virus, knocking them out unconscious.

Samus managed to cling on to her consciousness long enough to activate the cannon and destroy the leviathan, preventing Dark Samus’ plan to infect the planet Norion with Phazon. Federation emergency workers found the four space hunters and brought them back to the GFS Olympus for emergency medical treatment. When the medical officers discovered that Gandrayda and her colleagues were now generating Phazon energy naturally Admiral Dane ordered the officers to fit all four with PED suits so that the space hunters could make use of this to enhance their abilities.

Two weeks later, Gandrayda, Ghor and Rundas regained consciousness, after they had recuperated and had been informed and instructed about their new Phazon power, Admiral Dane informed them about the current situation such as the planets Bryyo and Elysia. Ghor and Rundas were to go to the infected planets to infiltrate the leviathans imbedded there and destroy the Phazon seeds while Gandrayda was to locate the Space Pirate stronghold from where the attack had been organized to determine what the Space Pirates’ plan was.

Using her shape changing abilities to her advantage, she was able to do something no other hunter before her had been able to do; directly infiltrate the Space Pirate forces. By assuming the form of a Space Pirate Gandrayda managed to rendevous with a small Space Pirate contingent rumored to be orbiting around the planet Hest. As the intel proved to be more than accurate, she then proceeded to infiltrate a Space Pirate Destroyer which was on its way back to its main port, but instead of just finding a major Space Pirate base, Gandrayda discovered the very Space Pirate Homeworld itself, a place which the Galactic Federation had been looking some time for.

This discovery was only overshadowed by a second discovery, like Bryyo and Elysia, the Space Pirate Homeworld had been hit by a leviathan, willingly by some of the Phazon infected Space Pirates, and the planet was now slowly changing into Phazon. Gandrayda sent an automated buoy back to Federation space while she continued her infiltration into Space Pirate society on the homeworld. It is not exactly known what happened after, but like Ghor and Rundas, Gandrayda must have overused her PED, allowing the Phazon corruption virus in her to take control, just as the Dark Samus had planned.

After she had been completely corrupted she became a willing pawn to the Dark Samus who make her one of her field commanders. Gandrayda was assigned to the Space Pirate Homeworld where she was to look for signs of rebellion or weakness amongst the Space Pirate forces, eliminating either of these at the spot. She gained quite a fearful reputation because of this as the Space Pirates never knew if she was amongst them. Later when Ghor and Rundas had been defeated by Samus Aran, Gandrayda was to intercept the hunter when she would make landfall on the Space Pirate Homeworld. After Samus had arrived on the planet, Gandrayda posed as a Federation Space Marine that was captured by the Space Pirates during the attack on Norion but had managed to escape.

Knowing that Samus was looking for a way to access the maintenance corridor that led directly to the seed in the leviathan as well as a counter to the Space Pirate Homeworld’s hostile atmosphere, Gandrayda in her marine disguise urged Samus to come for her, she would have knowledge about a special environment suit as well as how to access the seed. Several low ranking soldiers were instructed to fight Gandrayda as Samus was about to arrive to make the encounter as non suspecting as possible. After Samus and Gandradya (in marine form) had defeated the Pirates and had activated an elevator both rode to the top of the building were according Gandrayda (in marine form) was a corridor that would lead to the distribution center where the environment suits were kept. Once at the top Gandrayda (in marine form) attempted to shoot Samus Aran in the back, fortunate Samus was on to her and quickly evaded the intended killing shot and now confronted Gandrayda who resumed her usual form,

She warned Samus about never trusting strangers after which the battle between both began.

Gandrayda fought Samus in both her own form as well as alternate forms; she assumed the shape of a Berserker, a pirate Aerotrooper, Swarmbots, Rundas, Ghor and Samus Aran, using some of their attacks during the battle. When in her own form she would attack Samus with a variety of energy homing attacks as well as trying to jump onto Samus to strangle her. She would even become invisible from time to time in order to surprise Samus. But Samus Aran was well prepared for Gandrayda despite the last formidable combat capabilities; Samus countered almost every attack and used the tactics she had learned from fighting the opponents which form Gandrayda assumed. Even by going into Hypermode Gandrayda was not able to defeat her.When Samus had finally weakened Gandrayda enough, Gandrayda lost control of the Phazon in her, during her struggle she assumed the various forms she had taken during her battle with Samus while crying out for help in the end. Unfortunate Samus knew what happened next, the Dark Samus appeared in wraith form and absorbed Gandrayda into herself, leaving the Grapple Voltage ability.

Because the Galactic Federation knows so little about Gandrayda, it is not possible to inform her people or next of kin of her demise. Only the people of the Federation know how she lived and died.

Gandrayda’s shape shifting capabilities made her quite formidable, she could assume the shapes and form of various species and creatures, even mimicking artificial beings or partly artificial like Ghor. Because of her energy based form she could also recreate some of the attacks from those creatures like Ghor’s Plasma Beam, Rundas’ ice projection ability and Samus’ Power Beam. Her own attacks included a directed energy shocking wave and a homing energy projectile; she would also try to close up on opponents to battle them with physical attacks. Next to her shape shifting abilities Gandrayda also possessed the ability to generate a personal cloaking field, rendering her invisible for the naked eye and electronic equipment relying on visual detection. She could be tracked through alternate vision such as X ray but Gandrayda would often generate energy shockwaves to disrupt those means of detection. One of Gandrayda’s weaknesses as a person was her limited skills of working with machines and electronics; she often had to depend on others to do tasks involving those for her.