Creature Name: Flitt (fliht)
Height: .7 m
Mass: 225 kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Flitt is a very strange creature that lives deep in the caverns of SR388. It can stand immobile hovering over one area by unknown means. The creatures’ hard shell is nearly like rocks so it has very few predators. The creature can also carry a considerable amount of weight on its body but some are weaker and teleport to a different area of the planet when they can't support the weight.

The Flitt usually just hovers in the same stop like a floating rock. The concealed mouth on the top of the creatures’ body swallows any edible creature that lands on them. They only use their teleportation means when in danger by their few predators or if the weight they're carrying is too much for them to support not to chase prey. The Flitt apparently prefers to hover above Lava. The creatures’ body temperature is low because of its inability to move so the lava regulates its body temperature to keep its Heart pumping blood