Morphology: Flaahgra
Mutated chlorahermadic Predator

The Flaahgra is a large plant-like creature that absorbed water exposed to Phazon. Once the Phazon traveled through the plant it mutated into a creature resembling a Praying Mantis. It got all of its energy from sunlight and solar panels throughout the area. The Flaahgra has dual Scythes on each of its sides which it uses to swipe at predators and prey. If the Flaahgra is deprived of most sunlight it will lose most on its energy and collapse. The Tentacles that protrude from its sides will also retreat back into the base of the plant to regain energy. When sunlight is restored the Flaahgra will regain its strength.

The Flaahgra eats most inhabitants of the Chozo Ruins that stumble into its lair. War Wasps are the most common prey item but Shriekbat’s are another good meal to the Flaahgra. There is only one Flaahgra in existence so its method of reproduction is unknown. To rest the Flaahgra stays inside the base of its flower.

If a creature repeatedly attacks the Flaahgra it will be momentarily stunned. Why is remains motionless is unknown but it quickly regains control with renewed vigor. The Flaahgra is damaged heavily by fire. If its base or any other part of the creature is set aflame the Flaahgra will receive serious injuries.

This mutant plant is the source of toxic water in the Ruins. Flaahgra's growth cycle has been radically accelerated. As a result, it requires near-constant exposure to solar energy to remain active. This exposure has made Flaahgra's outer shell thick and durable. Its lower root system is unprotected and vulnerable, however. Exploit this flaw when possible. Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short periods.