Fire Spawn

The Fire Spawn needs extremely hot temperatures to keep its body together. The Fire Spawn is born in magma and is originally just a liquid. Soon its body will heat than cool to form a hard and impenetrable layer of Superheated Magma around itself. This creature has a much stronger sense of vibrations than the Artic Spawn because it has to sense it under magma. This creature shows a severe hatred for any Carbon based creature.

This creature feeds by burning prey or opponent with large fistfuls of magma. Once the creature is dead due to the severe burns or mortally injured the Fire Spawn devours them with its powerful jaws. The skin of the Fire Spawn is so thick that most attacks do barely any damage to the creature. Research shows that the Fire Spawn has a high venerability level to Supercooled Plasma, which can destroy the magma. The creatures' do all other activities under lava where they've never been observed.