Creature Name: Drivel (dri vl)
Height:.8 m
Mass: 80 lbs
Homeworld: SR388

The Drivel is a gigantic creature that lives in the dark caverns of SR388. This creature is an apex predator feeding on most organisms that enter the Drivels territory. All creatures below 200 pounds are eligible prey for the Drivel. This creature has evolved very large wings with razor sharp talons
to support its massive body and flight and to grab and hold onto prey. The Drivel is a nocturnal animal but it usually spends 18 hours awake a day because it is unable to distinguish day from night in the darkness of SR388. Drivels are believed to live alone.

The Drivel feeds on almost any sizable prey. It hovers or hangs in a particular spot until its very sensitive hearing picks up movement. It then dive-bombs the opponent to see if it is predator or prey. If the opposing creature is a predator the Drivel will still viciously attack it hoping to drive it away from its food source. This is the Drivels major downfall because many predators, such as Metroids take advantage of the attack and kill the Drivel. If the creature is prey the Drivel will pounce on it, dig its claws into the prey, and eat it there. After a meal a Drivel will find a crevice to sleep in. The Drivel sexually reproduces and the male and females mate after a long dance. The female lays the eggs in a cave.