Dark Splinter Family Geneology

Morphology: Dark Alpha Splinter
Alpha male of a darkling war pack.

Gigantic predator with symbiote-enhanced strength, speed, and armor. Splinter alpha males are the first to be targeted for darkling possession. Dark Alpha Splinters grow in strength and durability, making them an even greater threat than normal.

Morphology: Dark Splinter
Darkling-possessed insectoid predator.

The alien symbiote within the Splinter augments its strength and durability. Threat level raised. Target is host to a parasitic bioform. The presence of the parasite increases the target's overall combat threat level. Concentrated weapons fire will damage the target.

The Dark Splinter is merely a Splinter made stronger due to ING infection. The Dark Splinter was most common after the fall of the Luminoth and when the ING had run out of powerful creatures to infect. Most of the Splinter hives were raided of workers to be used as hosts. The ING have given the Splinters a much higher endurance rate than usual. Offensive power has nearly doubled. They are experienced fighters and usually keep the pack instinct that has made them deadly. They are still the standout of ING infected creatures because they can travel from Light Aether to Dark Aether as a whole instead of needing another host.

These creatures feed by lunging at its prey, hoping to knock it down. Usually these feed on Lumite or Brizgee on Aether and Bladepod and INGlet on Dark Aether. The Dark versions still obey a single Alpha leader. When the Alpha Splinter is possessed it becomes the Dark Splinters leader. Dark Splinters are common in Dark Agon Wastes due to the high amount of INGlets there. Dark Splinters usually rest after a meal. Their favorite area is in Dark Aether, near portals. When they wake up they ambushed Space Pirates that moved there a few cycles later. The Dark Splinters and Warrior ING look so similar some confuse the two. Splinters mate through sexual reproduction but Dark Splinters come about through ING infection.

When the Galactic Federation troops came down on Aether they recorded their mission. Apparently from "Nowhere" a large swarm of about five hundred Dark Splinters had ambushed the troopers. During this massive attack most of the troop was utterly destroyed and either just slaughtered or taken back to Dark Aether for food. They also displayed a strange and unknown behavior. They completely ransacked the Frigate of all its supplies including weapons and food. Even through Samus' siege on Dark Aether the weapons were never used.