Morphology: Dark Shredder
Darkling-possessed flying plantform.

The Dark Shredder is a Shredder possessed by an ING. The Dark Shredders only have a darker pigment than a normal Shredder. Otherwise they are identical. The Dark Shredders are only known to exist in one place on Dark Aether. That place is right before the Temple of that area, where the Chykka resides. The Dark Shredder is very debated. No one is really sure on whether it is plant, animal, or both in a symbiotic relationship.

The Dark Shredder feeds in the same way as a normal Shredder. It absorbs nutrients from the soil and water except the Dark Shredder can withstand the toxic waters of Dark Aether as food. It spins the leaves on its head to propel itself toward either a predator or new water source. They tend to travel in pairs when water is plentiful. They have a collective intelligence, not a normal characteristic of a plant, but use Photosynthesis and water absorption alone to make food, neither are animal characteristics. When gases and pressure build up inside a Shredder the creatures body shreds into many pieces, hence its name. Severe trauma also causes the creature to implode. It is unknown how a Shredder reproduces. Many speculate seeds scatter about the area after they implode.

Unlike many other darkworld creatures ING possession adds no additional benefits to a Shredder. This is unknown why. Even the hardiness of the creature doesn’t increase. The only new feature is its ability to survive dark water.

Durable plantform gains strength from Ing possession. Immune to dark water. The hardy Shredder is a favorite possession target for Ing that dwell near dark water. Dark Shredders can lurk in the venomous liquid indefinitely, patiently waiting for prey. When agitated, it will emerge and begin to fly toward its foe. They are very resilient, but can be eliminated with concentrated weapons fire.