Morphology: Dark Missile Trooper
Deceased GF soldier armed with Missile Launcher.

Bioscans indicate terminated lifesigns in this missile trooper, and the presence of an unknown biomass with parasitic tendencies. Though the missile trooper's armor has been compromised, the bulk of it remains intact. Missile weapon system remains online as well. Full parasitic fusion has yet to be obtained, resulting in low agility and response time.

After the Galactic Federation Troops landed on Aether they were attacked and killed by a huge mass of Dark Splinters. The Splinters moved their bodies to different places and began the task of "reforming" their hosts into the ING vision of perfection. Once an ING infects a dead creature they become reincarnated due to the infection. The Dark Trooper is just that, a dead GF Trooper brought back by an ING. A very small amount of brain function is restored and muscle function is fully restored even though scans indicate the creature is deceased. Being dead the creature’s defense is severely lowered even though tough armor protects them.

The Dark Missle Troopers are still equipped with standard Federation weaponry including the Semi-Auto Power Beamand a high-powered Missile Launcher. Since the Trooper controls no vitals signs they have no need for eat and sleep. Only ING infection can create more of these creatures. The Troopers armor changes color from Silver to Black to represent the ING infection. It is unknown why only a small amount of Federation Troopers were chosen to be hosts.

The commander was left untouched after death.