Mechanism: Dark Ingsmasher
Darkling-possessed assault drone.

Mechanoid target enhanced by Ing possession. Target has darkling weakness to light energy as well. Once the Ing discovered they could possess intelligent machines, the mighty Ingsmashers were top-priority targets for the Horde. The drones retain all of their attacks - shock-wave fists and missile launchers. It uses an energy shield in battle that can be adjusted to protect against a variety of beam weapons. The shield can be overloaded by opposite-polarity beams.

The robots name came from what it was designed to do by the Luminoth. Kill any ING that invaded the Sanctuary Temple. As recorded in Luminoth Lore and by U-Mos the mechanisms did excellently and terminated the subjects without question. However after the Luminoths death the ING corrupted the machines and made them slaves. The Dark ING Masher is deadly. It has a large cannon mounted on its shoulder. It was given a special kind of reverse polarity shielding that is great for protection. If the Shields are glowing white the only damaging weapon is the Darkness. Black Shields need Light Power. The huge fists of the mechanism can send shockwaves for many meters around.

Being a robot the only thing the Dark ING Masher needs is power. It also needs to place to go dormant until needed. Special areas inside the ING Hive fill both these needs. If a Dark ING Masher needs to recharge or is called off the offensive there or power-recharging stations scattered throughout the Hive. The Dark ING Masher needs to lock its shielding generators into specially designed slots to support them, than go dormant. In this state power is fully recharged.

If an ING Masher is taken to Dark Aether it can be fully corrupted by ING to create a Dark ING Masher. It is still currently unknown what types of metals and wire configurations the Luminoth used but they hoped to be replicated to create an ultimate fighting machine. It can detect an opponent from only a few feet away even though it has three large sensors.