Creature Name: Crephtaphid Varieties

They Alimbic civilization, known for their mastery of all things technologic left behind a legacy of sentry drones to defend the secrets of their ancient empire. One such creation was a device known as the Crephtaphid. Crephtaphids are built around an Octolith. If the Crephtaphid is somehow destroyed the whole mechanism will destruct leaving only some energy and an Octolith in its wake. Slenches are also built the same way when it regards Octoliths. If all the conduits are destroyed than the main mechanism at the top of the Crephtaphid, the main power supplier will rise and start attacking the opposition with powerful blasts of energy. If this form re-supplies the power conduits it will once again sink back into the mechanism. If the Crephtaphid is fully out of power it will try to draw in as much as possible from the surroundings usually resulting in a massive overload to the system and the Crephtaphid exploding. Crephtaphid V.1 is the weakest but they get much more advanced when the stakes grew higher with Gorea. All the Crephtaphid variations use the most sophisticated Alimbic technologies ever used.

Crephtaphid V.1
The base verision of this Alimbic security system. The Version 1 of a Crephtaphid has powerful heat seeking lasers. The Crephtaphid itself is a giant cylindrical device that is broken up into three sections. Each section is covered in small power conduits. The conduits supply power to the others that are transferring energy to the section that is using the offensive attack. In V.1s case the lasers. When a conduit is a bright red that means its currently supplying power to the system and has a force shield around it. When the conduit is no longer supplying power and becomes overheated it turns a bright blue. The blue coloring indicates the shield is off.

Crephtaphid V.2
A slightly stronger version of Crephtaphid. Instead of using lasers as its primary offensive attack the V.2 uses heat-seeking balls of energy produced by the high number of power conduits.

Crephtaphid V.3
A extremely powerful variation of the Crephtaphid. This mechanism uses both the Lasers and energy balls of previous Crephtaphid. The main power conduit is more impervious to attack than the others but it needs to put out much more energy than previous Crephtaphid.

Crephtaphid V.4
The V.4 is the pinnacle of Crephtaphid technology. This creature has the same attacks as a V.3 Crephtaphid but the V.4 can use its own power plus the charge of Arcterras planetary electricity to be able to actually move itself while attacking. This Crephtaphids new ability plus its high defensive power make it nearly invincible.