Mechanism: Corrupted Sentreye
Darkling-possessed armed monitor system.

The Corrupted Sentereye is a Darkling possessed Eyon. It has the same properties as an Eyon. It can generate a small beam attack from its central eye that is slightly stronger than a normal Eyon. It has the same durability, as a normal Eyon but is weaker to Light-based energy. Like Eyons they try to group together so passing creatures are easily caught by one of the beams and killed. They were used as defense Mechanisms on Aether. A powered shot will force the Corrupted Sentereye to close.

The Chozo also gave the Luminoth the knowledge to create Eyons like they did on Tallon IV. After the Luminoth built these devices the Phazon Meteorite hit the planet causing a few of the Eyons to be transferred to Dark Aether where they were corrupted by ING. Since they were Mechanical the Corrupted Sentereye have no need to eat but whenever their sensors do not pick up any signs of life the Corrupted Sentereye “shutdown” and look like part of the wall making it nearly invisible to a small unintelligent creature that passes through the area making it an easy target to the Sentereye. Though they can be temporarily disabled Sentereye can’t be fully destroyed through pure physical force.

Used by the Ing to protect key areas. Can be stunned by most weapons; charged light energy will destroy target. The Sentreyes were designed by the Luminoth to protect their camps on Dark Aether. The Ing learned how to possess them and turn them on their former masters. Many still remain throughout Dark Aether, now serving the Ing as they served the Luminoth before them. Most weapon types will stun the Sentreyes. Only charged light energy will destroy them.