Chykka Family Geneology

Morphology: Chykka
Flying insectoid Guardian.

This light creature can be stunned, especially by dark energy. While stunned, look for weak spots to target. The Chykka has rapidly aged to its adult form. It will attack by firing high- powered bursts of dark water at rapid speed. If frustrated, it will attempt to dive and ram you. Most of the Chykka's body is vulnerable to weapons fire, but scans indicate that such fire will only stun it. When stunned, however, four weak spots will appear. These spots are vulnerable to attack; target them to damage the enemy.

Morphology: Dark Chykka
Dark energy-charged flying guardian.

Target is charged with dark energy. Most of its body is immune to damage, save for the lower eggsac. Avoid attacks by target's offspring swarms. The Chykka has recovered, and energized its body with dark energy. This energy has rendered most of the creature immune to attack, including its wings. Tactical scans indicate that its eggsac is vulnerable, however. Target it to damage the creature.

Morphology: Chykka Larva
Infant insectoid Guardian.

Vulnerable area detected; target has a soft underbelly. Adjusting lock-on point to take advantage of this. Scans indicate that this bioform is an infant, but aging rapidly. The creature can ensnare targets with its tongue, drawing them into its mouth. It then covers its prey with acidic globs of biomatter to break it down for digestion. This is an exceptional bioform with both a dark and light nature.

Morphology: Chyklings
Dark energy-charged Chykka offspring.

Offspring swarm does not have parent's defenses. Evade if possible, engage if necessary. Interaction with dark energy has mutated the Chykka. Its offspring are now born as flyers, skipping the larval stage completely. These infants are highly pro- tective of their parent, and will streak to attack on sight. They lack their parent's durability, however, making them easy targets.