Morphology: Chozo Ghost
Spectral entity. Bioelectric field invulnerable to natural energies.

The Chozo Elders thought the one way to escape Phazon; the "Great Poison" was to turn themselves into spirits. They were wrong. Phazon corrupted the Chozo spirits and now they guard sacred areas used by Chozo and attack all intruders. The Ghosts materialize out of air it seems but the truth is more complicated. When the energy of the spirits detects an intruder all of the Ghosts in that area gather together to destroy the target. The Chozo Ghosts have managed to generate a Bioelectric shield around themselves making them invulnerable to elements such as Searing and Freezing temperatures. Only a concentrated concussive blast can harm them. Since they travel from dimension to dimension and disappear and reappear in the visible spectrums high energy radioactive X-Ray energy can track them with ease. Since they are dead the Chozo Ghosts have no need for food, water, or reproduction. The Ghosts can fire strong blasts similar to an electrical attack to temporarily shut off electrical currents, similar to the Phantoon creature found on Planet Zebes. Some of these creatures remained pure inside Chozo Artifacts in their hope to destroy Phazon.

As these entities phase in and out of existence, the only reliable way to track them accurately is with x-ray scanning. This partially phased nature makes them invulnerable to natural energy types, such as fire, ice, and electricity. Their aggressive and erratic behavior is most likely due to the corrupting effects of Phazon in the Tallon IV environment. They appear to be drawn to Chozo religious sites, where they wreak havoc upon anything that dares enter the area.