Bombu Family Geneology

Morphology: Pulse Bombu
Life-form of raw energy.

The Bombu is a creature that is carried on Space Pirate ships to new territories to be used as a power supply. The Bombu generate energy by rapidly rubbing Protons and Neutrons together inside its Atom-like body and create a nearly limitless supply of energy. Bombu can discharge any amount of Energy that is stored at one time and create a large burst of energy that can harm or kill any creature in a five-foot radius from the initial blast. Bombu tend to stay in packs because they can transfer energy to each other.

Being robotic and fully made of energy the Bombu have no need to eat, sleep, or mate. The Bombu are taken everywhere by Pirates since it’s a free and unlimited energy source but on Tallon IV the main power grid was shut down in the Phendrana base the Bombu escaped, according to records and spread all over Phendrana causing havoc to local creatures and leaving the Pirates with only a back up generator as a power supply.

Periodically releases explosive segments from its body. Pulse Bombus are energy beings, invulnerable to most known weapons. Electrical energy can harm them, however. They lack any intelligence beyond an instinctive attraction to other charged energy sources. Pulse Bombus produce energy constantly. All excess energy is shed, regardless of who or what may be nearby.

Morphology: Scatter Bombu

Pulsing tendrils of energy extend from creature's body.
The Scatter Bombu is nearly identical to the Pulse Bombu except this creature constantly sends three electrical waves out of its central body constantly making it have slightly less power than a Pulse Bombu. Scatters are purple in color as well.

Like all Bombus, these creatures can only be harmed by electrical energy. Proximity to these life-forms may result in Visor interference. It is possible to avoid engaging Scatter Bombus by rolling into the Morph Ball and slipping between the rotating energy streams.