Name: Blue Barbed War Wasp (blu barbd wur wasp)
Length: 1.1m
Mass: 40 lbs
Homeworld: Variant is home to Arcterra

Another relative of the large War Wasp family. When a Barbed War Wasp is exposed to the cold and harsh environment of Arcterra long enough it will change. Most of its body and hive will become partially ice. It has somehow evolved to be resistant to the cold in the air, its body, and its hive. The Barbed War Wasp becomes Blue instead of green and lives only in the coldest parts of Arcterra.

A Blue Barbed War Wasp can feed in the only thing in its habitat. Those creatures are Zoomers. It is unknown why and how there are so many Zoomers on the Ice Bridge but the only Blue Barbed War Wasp colony in existence doesn’t need to look far for food. Like a normal War Wasp they inject their prey with a deadly neurotoxin to kill them. Than they drag the prey to their nest. All other activities are done inside the hive.

Because of the cold environment the Blue Barbed War Wasp also ejects pieces of frozen shrapnel out along with its venomous stinger. It can use this technique to also freeze predators and prey making them all the more easier to kill. If a Barbed War Wasp is exposed to the Superheated areas of Alinds they will become Red Barbed War Wasps and expel magma with the stinger.