Morphology: Bloodflower
Able to eject toxic spores.

The Blood Flower is a native to the tropical habitat of Tallon IV. The Blood Flower creates a deadly Gaseous Toxin inside it that it can partially solidify inside a protective layer and be expelled through the “mouth” of the plant. Being a Plant the Blood Flower is harmed badly by either extremely cold or hot Temperatures. On the Tallon Overworld the plant gets the desired amount of Sunlight, Water, and Food needed to survive, even after the impact of the Phazon Meteorite. Because of the Toxin most creatures stay away from the Blood Flower but a Zoomer occasionally becomes a meal.

The Blood Flower has two means of eating and attacking prey. The most common method used is spit out its deadly Toxin and on impact with the ground or the target of choice the Gas will be released causing significant damage to the Lungs, outer body, and paralysis. Eventually death will occur to the victim and the Blood Flower will use its makeshift mouth to swallow the victim where another kind of Toxin will dissolve the meat. Blood Flowers breed through spores carried through the air.

The Blood Flowers main evolutionary flaw is the fact that its own Toxin can kill it. If the outer covering of the Blood Flowers released Gas is destroyed near the Blood Flower the Gas will make the Flower wither after the Toxin dries up the water in its body, which can happen within seconds. The Blood Flower tends to grow near pools of water even if its Toxin has seeped into it. The Blood Flower is thought to share the same Toxin as the Flaahgra in the Chozo Ruins.

Toxins are poisonous even to the Bloodflower itself. Three mouth-nodules protrude from the stalk beneath the flower, each with a rudimentary brain cluster and the ability to spew toxic fumes at anything within a five-meter radius. The spores ejected from the stigma at the center of the flower are sufficient to kill this creature if they explode in its vicinity.