Morphology: Blastcap
Volatile chemicals within this weed's toxic fungal cap may explode if agitated.

The poisonous flesh of the Blastcap helps keep it from being eaten. It also detonates its fungal cap when it senses even slight contact.

The Blast Cap is a mushroom found growing in many inhospitable environments. Everywhere they grow they sill have the same characteristics. A Blast Cap has a fleshy coating which holds a deadly toxic gas. When touched or disturbed a Blast Cap will explode sending out these toxins. They are mostly corrosive but deadly to breathe as well. So far no creature has been recorded to eat a Blast Cap and live.

The Blast Cap has long roots, which it uses to retrieve water deep underground. Even though it can’t be seen there is water deep under the rocks in Alinds, which the Blast Cap survives on. When a Blast Cap self-destructs it also releases Spores into the air, which then settle on the ground, and new Blast Caps grow from this. A Blast Cap takes about 1 Hour to go from Spore to Adult.

The Blast Cap can survive any landscape with water. They grow in the dangerous Torvus Bog, many ecosystems within Tallon IV, and in the hot and mostly dry climate of Alinds. In a normal circumstance about 2-8 Blast Caps will be growing in the same area.