Beetle Family Geneology

Morphology: Beetle
Burrowing insect with a resilient carapace.

The Beetles are another native species of Tallon IV. The normal kind of Beetle lives in the Tallon Overworld and Chozo Ruins. They have very sharp, thick claws and powerful jaws, which they use to dig through the sand and soil of their habitat with ease. The Beetle has a hard outer carapace that can withstand powerful attacks from a deadly predator such as a War Wasp. The Beetle is relatively small in size, which helps when burrowing through the ground.

A Beetle’s prey depends on its environment. In the Tallon Overworld they mostly eat plants and fungus. The mushrooms and Sap Sacs in the area are usually the prey of a Beetle. In the Chozo Ruins Beetles usually eat other Beetles and Scarabs. They sometimes feed on Shriekbat carcasses. If prey is right above the Beetle they immediately spring from the ground and try to attack it with its powerful jaws. Beetle’s sleep and mate underground as well. If the Beetle manages to find a way to the Phendrana area there will be a mutation to the creatures carapace. The Beetle’s are lead by a dominant male known as the Plated Beetle

Morphology: Plated Beetle
Well-armored burrowing insect.

The Plated Beetle is the dominant male in a Beetle pack. Once they grow to a large size after living long the other Beetles begin to fear them. The Plated Beetle has larger horns used for goring prey and a large shield-like head for defense. Its abdomen is soft and vulnerable though so it does have weaknesses. Vulnerable only in the rear abdomen. Creature's thick cranial plating can repel frontal attacks. This gives it an advantage in combat, allowing it to make ramming attacks. Only surfacing when it detects vibrations above, it then maneuvers itself so as to always face its rival, keeping its exposed abdomen protected.

Morphology: Ice Beetle
Able to eject toxic spores.

When a Beetle manages to get to an extremely cold environment a mutation will occur. The Beetle’s carapace will be covered with hardened ice or snow and will become more resistant to attacks by predators. They also vary their meals after this change feeding on Scarabs, Crystallites, Ice Burrowers, and if they are daring a Baby Sheegoth. The Ice Beetle is very weak when exposed to fire. It severely damages their outer carapace and body.