Name: Arctic Spawn (ark tik spa un)
Height: .3m
Mass: 30lbs
Homeworld: Arcterra

The Artic Spawn is a creature that needs cold temperatures to keep its body stabilized. This creature is made of ice but is born being made out of water. After using its powerful hands to dig deep into the ice the water in it freezes creating ice. The Artic Spawn will eventually grow larger in this environment. It will attack anything that enters its territory. Without eyes the Artic Spawn “sees” through the snow and ice. When something approaches it the creature sends vibrations below the ground. The Artic Spawn that leaps from the ice to attack senses these vibrations.

This creature feeds by immobilizing prey or opponent with large shards of ice. Once the creature is dead due to hypothermia or unable to move the Artic Spawn devours them with its powerful jaws. The skin of the Artic Spawn is so thick that most attacks do barely any damage to the creature. Research shows that the Artic Spawn has a high venerability level to Superheated Magma, which can destroy the ice. The creatures' do all other activities underground where they've never been observed. The Artic Spawn has a distant relative that lives on the Planet Alinds. It basically has the same characteristics except the Fire Spawn throws balls of Superheated Magma instead of ice. The difference leads to speculation of what these spawns really are and how they ended up in the Alimbic Cluster on two different planets but being so different at the same time.