Creature Name: Arachnus (r ak nos)
Height: 2.2 m
Mass: 1.78 t
Homeworld: SR388

Arachnus is another inhabitant of the caverns below SR388. This creature has an extremely strong shell, which greatly increases its survival rate. When the Chozo inhabited SR388 they left some machinery and Chozo items. Because of the powerful mucus Arachnus expels it was able to crack the outer barrier of the Spring Ball item and somehow absorb it for the creatures’ own use. Only a strong powerful blast like a bomb can damage an Arachnus due to the shell. It can also turn into a ball like form and be able to use the Springs Balls properties.

Normally Arachnus stay curled up like a harmless rock until either predator or prey approach. If the passing creature is prey the Arachnus would either eat it whole if its small enough or continually spit a strong, hardened mucus at it until it was either very weak or dead. The rest of the time they roll into a small ball covered by their shell so they can be resistant to damage and feel vibrations of approaching creatures.

Somehow the Arachnus know how to absorb then use Chozo Items. This oddity has been recorded twice. Once an Arachnus absorbed the Spring Ball feature from a Chozo Statue on SR388. The second recording of this happened on the Biologic Space Labs when the Arachnus absorbed the Morph Ball item even before getting infected by the X Parasites. It is still unknown how they are capable of this.