Morphology: Amorbis
Gigantic tunneling Guardians.

Amorbis is the protector of Dark Agon Wastes planetary energy. There are actually three Amorbis and they all draw power from a central orb that generates Dark Energy. Amorbis are a Dark relative of the Sandigger except much larger. Amorbis have a series of large spikes on its body to provide a large amount of thrust capable of not only breaching the soil but also allowing the Amorbis to “jump” to another part of Dark Agon Temple. The Amorbis can also feed from the Dark Energy orb and blast a large piece of Dark Energy at the target and can also cancel out Light Crystals used by Luminoth.

The Amorbis can capture prey easily. It burrows up to the surface than jumps up usually attacking and killing any creature that is either crushed or torn apart by the creatures’ powerful jaws. When Amorbis is threatened it will attach to the Dark Energy generator than use some of its power to fire blasts of dark energy capable of corrupted Xenotechnology. Normally an Amorbis can’t be harmed in this form but a concussive balst or Light Energy can cause the outer carapace of the creature to be destroyed allowing access to the soft and venerable part of Amorbis.

Morphology: Dark Amorbis
Dark energy-charged Guardians.

Targets gain armor, beam weapon, and regenerative powers when fused to Dark Sphere. Weak spot within mouth detected; concussive force will deliver heavy damage to it. The Amorbis can attach themselves to the Dark Sphere, drawing potent energy from within. They can fire dark energy at Light Crystals, nullifying Safe Zones for a short time. They can also channel this energy into powerful beam attacks. Bioscans indicate a weak spot inside the creature's mouth. Concentrate your fire at this area to damage an Amorbis.