Creature Name: Skorp (scurp)
Height: 2.2 m (extended)
Mass: 845kg
Homeworld: SR388

The Skorp is a strange burrowing creature that lives in rocks deep in SR388. Firstly a Skorp digs through rocks with the two buzz saw-like appendages on the front of its body. Than after it fully digs through the rocks using its barbed body to move through the created tunnel it waits there. It has small spikes on its body that push against the rock and allows the Skorp to move up to 27.8 MPH.

When a Skorp senses a creature coming near its rock nest the Skorp springs its sharp appendages out and tries to slash and kill the opposition. This usually kills the target with severe wounds to the target. Even if the prey lands on the spikes on top of the Skorp they will usually be impaled. The Skorp rests inside its nest until it is hungry enough to feed. The Metroids take advantage of their visibility during this state and making the Skorp a prey item. A Skorp reproduces much like a Tapeworm. They release one of their segments and that segments works its way through the tunnels created by the larger Skorp. Over time the small segment grows longer creating another Skorp. Many Skorp tend to stay in one area.