Mechanism: Quad CM
Rogue combat drone.

The Quad CM is the main Module that controls the Quad MB. If the MB is destroyed but the CM survives the CM will detach from the MB and begin attacking a given target on its own. The CM’s attacks range from simply ramming the target to firing high-power energy balls at the target. To protect it further the Quad CM has come equipped with Reverse polarity shielding making it hard to destroy. The machine is vulnerable when the shields are down.

The Luminoth created the Quads to fight the ING. The ones on Aether weren’t corrupted though. Since the Luminoth had to build them quickly they gave the Quads little artificial intelligence. They only obeyed commands given by Luminoth. After most of the Luminoth were killed and the Sanctuary Fortress was abandoned the Quads went rogue, seeing as they were no longer given orders. The Quads will now attack anything including Luminoth.

Command Module relies on ranged attacks. Beam shield can be breached by opposite-polarity systems. A Quad is formed of two components; the quadruped Main Body and the flying Command Module. These units can function independently, or linked together, as the need arises. The Command Module relies on ranged beam weapon attacks. It can generate a powerful beam shield to protect itself. Opposite-polarity beams can penetrate this shield, however.