Creature Name: Meboid (meh boyd)
Height: .3 m
Mass: 70 kg
Homeworld: SR388

Meboids are creatures that originally spawned from smaller, amoebic creatures. Very similar to the Flitt, Meboids themselves are larger versions of the microscopic brethren. Acting in much the same manner as their original predecessors, Meboids have a small, gelatinous membrane which protects it's inner organ structure. Meboids have a very primitive mind which seems only focuses upon feeding. So violent is this urge that Meboids have been known to eat other Meboids that are unfortunate to be mistaken for prey.

The Meboid reproduces by fission, splitting itself when it has absorbed enough mass to divide. This division creates and exact replica of the parent creature. It is thought that All Meboids in the wild are originally spawned from just four or five different individuals.