Samus Aran's new altered state after an almost fatal encounter with the previously unknown "X" parasite.
- - - Mission File 04277 - - -
X Creature Incident
The Metroids were finally extinct as a species from the face of the universe. Samus Aran had witnessed it personally. Time has passed since the Zebes incident, and Aran found herself once gain called into duty, not as a bounty hunter but as a guide. Due to her extensive knowledge of the planet SR388, the Metroid homeworld, she was asked to lead a scientific team into the planet to research the planet's indigenous life. Upon arrival, a previously unknown organism dubbed "X" attacked Aran. It seemed the X had been the natrual prey of the Metroid on their homeworld. Due to the extinction of the Metroid however, they were able to reproduce and become the dominant species. The attack by the X left Aran severely damaged, and as such was rushed back to Galactic Federation Medical facilities nearby. By the time Aran was admitted, the X had severely crippled her power suit as well as her nervous system. Aran's suit had to be "dissected" off of her. It was to late though, as the X had already began working it's way towards her brain.

Unknown to Aran, the Federation had kept cell samples form the original metroid larva she had delivered to Ceres Space Station. Using samples of these cells, the X were vaccinated but in turn, altering Aran's overall appearance. This was a surprise to all, including Aran herself. Samples of her infected power suit as well as other creatures the research team had collected while on SR388 were sent to the BSL research vessel, holding orbit above SR388. At the verge of recovery, Aran was sent to investiage and explosion that had mysteriously occured at the BSL station. Aran arrived only to discover that the X had infected every living creature on the ship. She had also learned that the X had inhabitated her old power suit and was now mimicking her, hunting her thorught her mission. Using the newly acquired immunity from the Metroid Cells against the X, she battled through every part of the BSL vessel, only to discover the Space Pirates were present too. Not only that, but somehow Ridley was aboard. How and why are still a mystery.

Aran later uncovered a plot by the Galactic Federation to use samples from the larval Metroid cells to regrow Metroids. Aran was horrified to find out that the very system she fought and defended was now using Metroids for their own purposes. Aran was then confronted with the X mimic of herself, codemaned: SA-X. Aran wared off the SA-X long enough to evacuate the BSL vessel, which orbit was decreasing rapidly towards SR388. An Omega Metroid confronted Aran, a Metroid she had not faced since her mission on SR388 years ago. The Omega Metroid fought relentlessly and almost defeated Aran, were it not for the intervention of the SA-X. Finally evacuation via her gunship, Aran watched as the BSL's engines fade in the atmosphere of SR388. This event caused a chain reaction, which in the end destroyed SR388 itself. After the incident, the Galactic Federation deemed Samus Aran an outlaw and terrorist. No further sightings of Aran have been noted since.