Samus Aran, tracks the Metroid hatchling to the rebuilt Space Pirate fortress on Zebes.
- - - Mission File 03046 - - -

The Last Metroid
With the threat of Space Pirates finally gone, the galaxy was once again at peace. With this in mind Samus Aran delivered the larval Metroid to Ceres Space Colony where it could be further studied. The findngs were remarkable, and it was deemed that the energy harnessing powers of the Metroid could be used to benefit civiliaztion. Feeling a wave of relief, Aran left the station but was immediatly called back upon a distress beacon: the station she had just left was under attack. When she arrived, she discovered the crew dead. Her first instinct was to recover the Metroid larva. She was horrified to discover that the Metroid larva was in the hands of none other that Ridley himself. Somehow he had once again managed to survive their last encounter. Ridley fled the space station with the larva in his possession. Shortly after a destruction sequence had been initiated, detonating the station and all it's contents. Aran followed Ridley back to planet Zebes, the original hideout of the Space Pirates. Not only was their original base of operations re-outfitted, but the entire planet itself from crust to core had been turned into one giant super fortress.

Aran once again had the task of not only defeating the Space Pirates, but also rescuing the last Metroid in exsistance. Aran fought deep into the rebuilt planet through several familar areas as well as locals that were previously unknown from her last visit. Aran fought many fierce and intense battles only to uncover the pirates purpose once again was to use the Metroids as their ultimate weapon upon civilization. Aran also uncovered plans of exposing the Metroids with Beta Rays to intesify its growth and instict to feed. She penerated deep into the Space Pirate's nerve center and came face to face with the larval Metroid. She was only soon to discover it's growth in size and agression. At first the larval Metroid did not recognize her and began to attack. After almost being consumed by the Metroid, it mysteriously released her and retreated, as if realizing who Aran was. Aran continued deeper until she came face to face with the Mother Brain iteself.

Before she could even ponder how this happened, she was attacked. On the verge of defeat, the Mother Brain revealed her new form: the Mother Brain had been melded with biomechanical enhancements as well. The power of the Mother Brain's new form was of sheer horror. Gaining the upperhand, the Mother Brain was charging up to deliver the fatal blow to Aran. Just when all seemed lost, the larval Metroid rushed in to defend Aran. The metroid then sacrificed its life to save Aran's, and in the process, fusing its DNA structure with Aran's. Finally defeating the Mother Brain, Aran rushed back towards the surface as the planet began to crumble all around her, blasting off from the planet moments before the core of Zebes went critical. Planet Zebes was vaporized in and instant, finally ending the regin of the Space Pirates once and for all. And also taking with it the last metroid...