The Metroid Gueen, so far only found on SR388 and no where else in the galaxy to the Federation's knowledge.
- - - Mission File 03045 - - -

Extermination of the Metroid Menace
Although the Space Pirates had been defeated, the threat of Metroids still exsited. The Galactic Federation did not want others to try to follow in the Space Pirates footsteps of using the Metroids as a biological weapon. Directive was given that the species known as Metroid was to be exterminated once and for all. A small task force as sent to the Metroid homeworld of SRr388 were after a short time the team was never heard from again. Fearing the worst, the Galactic Federation sent in several companies of Federation Space Marines to initiate the task. After sending an intital signal of planetfall, they too were never heard from again. Suddenly the threat of the Metroids became all to real once more. Once again the bounty hunter Samus Aran was brought in to complete the task that the others could not.

Aran landed on the planet and immediatly set to work. Deeming that there was no Space Pirate influence involved, she set off deep withen SR388's infastructure, eradicating all Metroids she came across. Unknown before was the discovery of the Metorid's growth cycle. It was discovered that the Metorid's seemed to follow a lifecycle upon their homeworld which had not been seen anywhere else in their captivity. Battling these new horrors only lead to another revelation: the presence of a Metroid Queen. Aran battled the Metroid Queen in a blaze of weaponry, finally subduing the creature. After leaving the Queen's chamber she came upon an egg chamber filled with Metroid eggs, all destroyed least one. Upon Aran's presence the egg hatched, revealing a larval Metroid, which mistook Aran for its mother. Aran, realizing the beneifit in the small creature did not have the heart to kill it. She instead left SR388, taking with her the last reminence of the Metroid species in the galaxy.