Samus Aran enroute to the source of the signal, pursued by the other hunters.
- - - Mission File 79109 - - -

The Ultimate Power Transmission
The Galactic Federation receives a transmission saying the Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster. Knowing other area’s may receive this too the Federation immediately dispatched Aran to the Alimbic Cluster. Upon arriving Aran sees that others have received the Transmission. Exploring the entire Alimbic Cluster Aran concludes that Kanden, Spire, Noxus, Trace, Weavel, and Sylux have come to find the Ultimate Power. After defeating the Alimbic Guardians of the Ocotoliths, Aran eventually opened the Alimbic Cannon to the Infinity Void.

The other Bounty Hunters were attacked by Gorea and fled the area leaving Aran to deal with the creature. After being transported to the top of Oubilette, Aran battled with Gorea yet again this time obtaining the Ultimate Power to slay the creature once and for all. At this point Aran and the others fled the area in separate directions while Oubilette was being destroyed.

The Federation eventually received the Ultimate Power from Aran but its whereabouts are currently unknown. The Diamont, Vhozon, and Kriken are now being considered enemies of the Federation. Weavel, Kanden, and Sylux are enemies of the Federation Weavel as well as Syluxfor committing capital offenses. (Piracy and stealing Prototype technology) Kanden’s whereabouts are unknown at this point but he is now being considered a top matter.