Samus Aran in the hostile enviornment of Dark Aether.
- - - Mission File 02546 - - -

Respond to Missing GF Transport
After the Phazon on Tallon IV was destroyed by Aran the Space Pirates were already looking elsewhere for the deadly substance. On Aether they found it in mass quantities and began another base there with Metroids imported from Tallon IV. After a team from the Galactic Federation was sent in to dispose of the Pirates after shooting down a Frigate they went missing. 8 days after this incident Aran was sent in to investigate. There she found the Troopers vessel and corpses after making a crash landing on the planet. There Aran finds the Luminoth and aggress to help them defeat the ING and restore peace. After infiltrating a small Space Pirate facility and finding Dark Aether Aran loses parts of her suit to the ING and Dark Samus. The Dark Samus is the Metroid Prime that made the Phazon Suit its host and now subsides on Phazon.

After defeating the ING time after time in the worlds Temples and areas the threat becomes clear. The Dark Samus is attacking with increased power and the ING possess the Space Pirates and imported Metroids. The dark Metroids, Tallon Metroids, and Infant Metroids aren’t as much of a threat as the Dark Pirate Commando’s and such. When the ING and dark Samus are defeated the Space Pirates, being left crippled and almost annihilated, left the planet after the Phazon and Dark Aether were destroyed.

The Luminoth regained control of the planet and Aran leaves the area quickly since the ship has repaired itself. She returns to the Federation Headquarters to give the news that the Galactic Federation team had been wiped out by the ING of Aether and Dark Aether.