Representatives from the Galan, H'yain, Zecta, and Mogak systems discussing matters of the Galactic Federation.
Origin of the Metroid Threat
In the year 2000 of the history of the cosmos, representatives from the many different planets in the galaxy established a congress called the Galactic Federation, and an age of prosperity began. A successful exchange of cultures and civilization resulted, and thousands of interstellar spaceships ferried back and forth between planets. But Space Pirates also appeared. The Space Pirates were of a fierce race of sentient lifeforms, yearning only for power and the technology used to gain it. The Pirates were ruthless in their tactics, often hijacking space vessels for what they desired and often leaving the crew dead or stranded in space.

The Federation Bureau created the Galactic Federation Police to help combat this menace, but the pirates' attacks were powerful. Not only that, but the vastness of space made it near impossible to get a trace upon where they were orignating from. The Federation Bureau and the Federation Police called together warriors known for their great courage and sent them to do battle with the pirates. These great warriors were called "space hunters." They received large rewards when they captured pirates, and made their living as space bounty hunters.
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