Every great civilization has been able to record it's progress thru the hardwork and dedication of it's own ability to record their ripples in the ocean of time. As vast and benevolent as the Galactic Federation is, on the galactic scale it is still fairly new in perspective of other advanced civilizations.

Please note that Galactic Federation mission naming conventions are divided and assigned by clustering of events relating to one another. For the purposes of this database, the following are all events based around the creature known as METROID.

Galactic Annual of Records
Historical File 01632: Origin of the Metroid

Galactic Federation Combat Operations: Metroid
Mission File 0 : The Zebes Incidient
Mission File 01312: Secret Space Pirate Outpost
Mission File 02101: The Ultimate Power Transmission
Mission File 02546 : Respond to Missing GF Transport
Mission File 02904 : Corruption
Mission File 03045: Extermination of the Metroid Menace
Mission File 03046: The Last Metroid
Mission File 04277: X Creature Incident